November 2017 Recap

Isaac always enjoys checking his height compared to the Statue at the library, and he takes these moments to clean her off and remove all the spider webs.

Isaac enjoys playing with his army men and today was a day full of military set ups. The stairs to the upper bunk became various battle stations.

On a lightly snowing day, we headed out for a walk and ran into BB8!

Since Isaac was very little, we often stopped at this fire hydrant for play and photos. I have no idea why but it seems to hold a special place in or hearts. Isaac insisted I take his photo by “his fire hydrant.”

It was a good day for a fire in the fire place, puzzles and games.

Alaska, our hen we fought so hard to save once before with a broken leg, got sick from what we believe was sour crop, and we are saying goodbye in this photo as we try to do our best to save her.

Putting away halloween

Leavenworth for my birthday! First stop GLUTEN GLUTTON at Sultan Bakery.

A pit stop at our favorite parking lot and pit toilet where we peed, did some sledding in the parking lot and played in the snow. We are weird.

Then it was off to our favorite bridge and river walk adventure area on the way into town.

Pretty cool moment as Isaac grabbed his bag AND mine and headed up the stairs to the hotel.

I love going up this time of year because they are setting up Christmas but there aren’t very many people there. It’s beautiful.

Most awesome Ginger Beer I’ve had in awhile. Very refreshing.

Making tracks… Found these on our river walk in Leavenworth.

Pure joy

A boy and his dad in the leaves

Had a small wind storm in Bothell today.

I don’t even remember what I got him but it was fun to leave this package for him when he woke up knowing he could read it and would be happy to share the contents with his dad.

This cat!

We tried an outdoor school in Kenmore. Super nice people. Way too young an age group. Didn’t work out for us, but this was a fun day at St Edwards with the class.

Sena on my helmet. So fun!

We had some beautiful skies in November.

Isaac modified the diffuser in his room.

Thanksgiving involved a plethora of pies.

Bev, Mom and I went to some Christmas bazaar thing at Monroe Fairgrounds. We had a blast.

Isaac worked hard to make soap Christmas packages for his cousins.

Studying the anatomy of a bee.

The end.

October 2017 Recap

Picking up free firewood

Isaac, Mama and Pip camping out in the yard. Isaac has smoke in his eyes.

Craven farm – Just the three of us

Checking out a new Sensory gym in South Everett.

Building a steampunk spider in art class.

Whidbey Island adventures with Mom and Millie.

Best sheep cheese I’ve had so far. Creamy. Yummy. Expensive. Found it on the Whidbey trip.

Naughty cats!

Alien Operation

It’s not rocket science. Oh wait. Yes. Yes it is.

He definitely got Jason’s flexibility. He’s eating noodle soup by the way.

Kristi Baines chocolate zucchini bread recipe made GF.

Pumpkin patch and carving with the Spore Grandparents

One of his best swim lessons.

Playing a new card game.

Cleaning spider webs off his statue.

Leaf Fight!!!

Walking Miller Creek Trail with Pip (not pictured) after dropping Daddy off at the airport.

Hiking Shelton View Forest with the cousins.

We can use the HOT lane now right?

Gluten free Teriyaki at Best Teriyaki with his new buddy.

Goodbye from a rabbit sniffing a cat foot of a cat who is sniffing a rabbit.

September 2017 ReCap

I’m going to recap September and October and then I’m going to go back to little blog posts as I obviously can’t stay on top of monthly recaps. 🙂

September 1 I passed my motorcycle driving skills test and a few days later I was able to pick up my license from DOL.

September 2 we went to the local motorcycle races and had a nice time. We kept it short because it was wicked hot!

September 3-6 were just sort of normal days around the house except the wildfires were dropping ash on our cars. We dropped Pip off to hang out with China the cutest pugle ever, found a park nearby to play at and got ready for our trip.

September 7 – 10 We did our annual Seaside Oregon trip except my dad was sick, so my parents didn’t get to come with us this year. I’ll do a separate post on this trip as there was WAY too much to put in this post.

September 11 through the end of the month was just regular life. I’ll share some photos below.

11 – Finally bought myself a new watch as my old one wouldn’t stay on anymore and the face was peeling off.

13 – my tribal warrior enjoyed playing in the yard today

I enjoyed quick laying some pavers so hopefully we don’t swim up to our front step in mud all winter. It was just supposed to be laying them out to get a general idea of what I wanted but now it’s mid-November and it hasn’t moved.

The 15th we did some science in the front yard.

Isaac got this thorn stuck in his flip flop while we were out walking the dog.

The Sensory kit came

Sept 16 – Isaac took this photo of my cleaning Mr Funny Bunny’s cage while he rubbed vigorously against my arm.

Sept 17 – I love when these two snuggle together.

Sept 18 – Experiencing a new to us Thai restaurant with Grandma. Not the greatest photo of my mom, but it is all I had.

The 18th took us to Fred Meyer and then a quick stop at Johns dan Katie’s to take a family photo for them. Got a good solo shot of Katie for our practice. Then attempted to get 6 people looking at the camera and in focus at the same time. This is not my career folks.

Sept 19 we walked the dog in the rain while Isaac ate a popsicle. Yes a popsicle in the rain. Love this kid.

Sept 22 was Isaac’s first day of Family Roots Class, and although it is NOT what I was expecting, he enjoys it. Flip flops and all.

We also did our first farm of fall day as soon as Daddy got home. Off to Bob’s we went. The corn maze didn’t open until the next day, so we went into Snohomish for some food and planned to return to Bob’s tomorrow.

Sept 23 – Farm Day for real this time

Sept 24 my whacky dog was trying to jump our fence to get to me. We took this picture to show how tall the fence is that she was trying to get over. Mind you, she got her head above the fence line!

Oh and I love this kid

Love this quote

Sept 27 I set up the bouncy house in an attempt to convince Isaac to pass it on. FAIL! He still loves this thing.

Lulu (formerly Louis L’Bunny) enjoying her time on brand new grass I’m growing.

The guys testing out our new headsets inside the riding helmets.

September 28 was LEGO story time for Isaac. I wish I could remember what this story was he was telling me.

Sept 30 was the longest and most fun Ikea trip I have ever been on. Thanks for the adventure Dan and Leah!

And that is where September ends with Dan getting off the bike and us all heading home.

Epic Solar Eclipse Adventure 2017

When I was a kid about Isaac’s age, my family got to see Haley’s Comet. When I heard there was a chance to see a total eclipse that was crossing the entire continental US, I knew I wanted our family to be a part of that.

However we got involved so late in the game there weren’t even campsites available. Anywhere we could find to spend the night was almost $1000 or we could sleep in our truck in a parking lot with thousands of other people and some honey buckets. So after awhile of trying to figure out how to make this happen, we decided to drive down the day of the eclipse.

It got closer to the day and reports were coming in regarding the traffic issues and travel times, and we decided driving down the day of just wasn’t going to happen. I was pretty bummed out that we weren’t going to get to see the total eclipse.

Jason pulled a rabbit out of his hat and saved the day by booking us a hotel outside of the Zone of Totality. We headed down Sunday morning, stopped at OMSI, had a beautiful and non-stressful drive and basically just had a nice time getting to the hotel. Pip kept Jason awake all night as she slept with him while I slept with Isaac. Pip felt like she needed to protect us all night so every time someone came down the hall or the elevator made a noise, she would make a noise.

Despite the lack of good sleep, we all woke up early, checked out of our hotel and headed south to the eclipse. There were several other people checking out at o’dark thirty. We assumed they too were headed for the Zone of Totality.

As I pulled out of the hotel and turned toward the freeway, Jason looked down at the freeway which was brake lights for miles. He said, “Go straight. Go straight.” So I went straight over the freeway and Jason the Navigator began tapping away on his phone. We found a beautiful 40mph road that took us south through some amazing country. We were definitely going faster than the parking lot ummm freeway, and we were enjoying the sunrise, cool old houses and farmland as we went.

We arrived in Monmouth at a little park with a playground, a stream, an actual toilet and only one other car. Slowly people trickled in and set up chairs and blankets. We seriously couldn’t have asked for a better location. The people were our kind of people – looking for a good place to watch the eclipse without huge volumes of people. Everyone was nice as well. There were a few other dogs and a handful of kids. It was perfect.

2 minutes of Totality.

Thanks to Jason for making it happen and thanks to God for getting us there safely.

The return trip wasn’t horrible as we took farm roads all the way back to Washington. We stopped at a farm stand and got ice cream, hit a playground or two, and even enjoyed a little gravel road in the middle of nowhere. We found out later a friend of ours left at basically the same time as us but took the freeway home. His freeway drive took 2 hours longer than our backroad drive and was obviously way less pleasant. From Longview on, it was a bit of drudgery as we did get on the fairly clear freeway a little after Longview. I was quite tired by the time we pulled into our driveway, but it was totally worth it.

Now here are the photos – some taken by me and some by Jason. Enjoy!


At the hotel:

At the park where we saw the Eclipse:

August 3-4, 2017

We like to celebrate Isaac’s first day of school by going to Leavenworth. Here are a few photos from our overnight trip.

Trip begins with a stop at Sultan Bakery. Always a favorite and a twice-annual gluten cheat.

Next up is our trestle bridge park where we walk across the bridge to a quiet spot and play in and by the river for hours!

Then it’s off to the Welcome to Leavenworth sign for his “school photo” for the year. This year was all action and we didn’t get a stationary focused shot where you can read his “First Day of Second Grade” sign. I literally pulled the first picture out of a video Jason shot.

It was HOT!

Next we went to South so Isaac could get chips and salsa, and I could make WikiStick art for Isaac.

Day Two we landed at the river and spent most of our time there. The water was so low the tubers had to go down certain areas just to get through and we were literally playing almost in the middle of the river.

Out of the water and heading home.

Congrats on starting Second Grade Isaac!

August Recap

2017 seems to be speeding by faster than I can keep up. We are now over halfway through September and I’m just now looking at blogging August. So… here goes!

August 1 – Play day with Best Friends

Jason unintentionally flips me off while working on his Kawasaki engine.

August 2nd – Mount Vernon visit with his other best friend Paige.

August 3-4 Leavenworth trip for Isaac’s First Day of Second Grade. (A separate post with more photos coming soon.)

August 5 – Drove to Mount Vernon to pick up Pip who stayed with our good friend Chris and Jeanne. On the way back we stopped at Shambala Bakery for lunch. Delicious and GF. Then we walked back to the truck and found this time capsule.

August 8 – Homeschool Meet-Up at Gold Creek Natural Area ended up being a hang out day with best friends Caleb and Jacob again as Gloria was helping a widow and the boys had a lot more fun playing with us.

Watching Scent Training.

Playing in the creek

August 9 brought us bright light as Jason removed our old corrugated roofing from the breezeway and replaced it. We are constantly shocked by how bright it is now.

August 10 – Swim lessons continued throughout the month of August. Some days are better than others. This was a good day.

After swim we stopped at Fran’s house to go look at her daughter’s stock tank swimming pool. Fran happens to live right near Uncle Dan and Tia Leah, so we stopped in there. They weren’t home but Leah said to pick the huckleberries if we wanted to, so we did. The dog came for a snuggle and the Uncle came and asked us to pick the extra blueberries they had. It was a good day.

August 11 – Library and street tacos followed by helping the neighbor with a question on his truck while out walking Pip.

August 12 – Riding gear return happening but Isaac’s favorite rider’s replica bike was for sale. So he just had to sit on it and Daddy just had to show him how to lean and look into the corner. Non of us can wait for race season to be over, so we can watch it. $$$ during the season. $ after it’s over. Here is Marc Marquez Jr on his Repsol Honda.

August 12 – Finished the bulletin board made from fabric Bev and I picked out and our old fence boards. It looks pretty good I think.

August 14 – Food coloring, water, muffin tins and a freezer. Oh then there was the goggles and the hammer and the paintbrush.

August 17 – We said goodbye to the quiet neighborhood and saw the sky through our backyard boundary line for the first time in 14 years. They tore down ALL of the trees and are putting in 7 houses. It is a sad day. Our yard became the rescue habitat for all the moles and squirrels and rabbits that were living in those woods.

On a brighter note the cousins came to play! Here they all are having snack time.

August 18 – Hot date with my hubby! We went to Revolve in Bothell. GF Paradis!

August 19 – We don’t always play the safest games. Here Isaac is using a hammer to hit caps on the end of a shop tool that Jason is holding. Great hand eye coordination work!

August 19 – Preparing to ride the R3 for one of my last practice days before testing for me license.

August 20 7:44am – We head to Oregon for the Solar Eclipse on Monday. (A separate post with photos to come.)

August 22 – Tried making Bison Patty Melts thinking for sure Isaac would not like them but going for it anyway. Well he LOVED it! In fact we all loved it.

August 24 – Opening day at the fair. Isaac was really tired this day so we didn’t do as much as we usually do. He loved the whacky house and we went on that a lot. I got a chance to go on two rides with Ella. One was called Freak Out and it was totally awesome until the last three swims when we both decided it was way too much. Then we went on another ride I can’t remember the name of and laughed hysterically the whole time. Overall not the best trip to the fair ever, but we had fun. It was great to have Bev along on the scooter. Here is Isaac in the whacky house and in the petting zoo.

August 26 – I got to go to Mt Vernon to hang out with The Pioneers – my hiking buddies. We hiked up behind Jeanne’s new property, left signs for Paige who was coming behind us to camp out with her dad, snacked on the ridge, saw a hawk or golden eagle, did crafts and ate some more.

August 27 – This cat.

August 28 – Field trip to Pacific Science Center with Gloria, her mom and the boys!

Butterfly world

At the giant table

Playing giant pipes


August 28 also marked the demise of our Magic deflating pool. This was the final cleaning and filling as best we could do before sending to its final resting place as a holding space for someone’s dirt pile.

August 29 – We began our fantasy map making. This is super fun!

And that was basically the month of August.