Wenatchee Fish Jumping

Yesterday we traveled to Wenatchee, WA waking up at 5:00 to do so. Isaac and Pip came with us. It was a adventure. Jason went to work at Link Transit with the Arboc representative, Kim Yoder, to train them on their new propane buses. That left Isaac, Pip and I to roam from 9:45-3:00.

First we went to the WA apple visitor center where we learned all about WA apples, how they are grown and why WA has the best apples!

Then we went to a HUGE city park that was rather fun. After a bit on the playground, lunch, more playground, and then a snack and break in the car, we wandered off to see this “statue” that I had spotted for Isaac. Isaac really likes statues.

Turns out it was a coyote and a bunch of salmon. It was the Native American story of how the coyote led the salmon upstream to save the starving tribe that lived there.

It also turns out the lady fish made a excellent launching pad! I cannot count how many times Isaac climbed into her fin and jumped through the air. He got so hot he ended up taking his short off, and he enjoyed it so much, we never made it to the river!

I guess that means we have to go back. 😉





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