Life with a young hen

This is Alaska.

We got her for free along with her sister Polly. A young girl with sensory processing disorder had hand raise these two sisters from hatchlings. It was hard for the girl to let them go but I promised I would take great care of them. I also promised her we wouldn’t eat them.

One week after being in them home, Alaska stepped in a rat trap I had forgotten to trip before letting the hens into the run. Thankfully we were nearby when it happened and rushed to her aid. As ridiculous as it sounds to some, we took to the ER vet (ACCES) because it was a compound fracture and because I had made a promise to a little girl.

The vet was amazing and worked within our budget. We went home with a chicken in a splint and instructions to follow up with our regular vet. We didn’t have a regular vet for our hens, so I began that search next. Alaska moved into our bathroom in an old rabbit cage, and I began researching vets. We ended up at Pilchuck Vet because we wanted more of a farm vet vs an exotics vet. The vet and staff were amazing once again. They had nothing but praise for the work ACCES had done. The staples were removed and the splint was replaced. Alaska went back into our bathroom. Another vet visit and another new splint. No more antibiotics and we moved her out the bathroom into our breezeway but still in the little bunny hutch.

Fast forward to today. I took Alaska’s splint off per the vet’s instructions. Her leg looks great! She is using it like nothing ever happened. She seems happy but ready to move back in with her sister. I keep telling her “One more week little one.”

So that’s our story.











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