Accidental Trip to Winthrop

Well we had planned on going to 5Bs Bakery in Concrete and then heading back to Sedro Wolley for the Loggerrodeo. When we finished up at the bakery, we decided to head toward Winthrop instead. It was a fantastic journey. 

Chocolate Handpie and yes it is gluten free!   
Thanks to 5Bs we got a bunch of wiggles out chasing bubbles across the empty lot. 

The strangest and most static filled slide we’ve been on in awhile found in Newhalem. 

The train at Newhalem. You are actually allowed to climb all over it. So rare!

The Ranger Station!

Looking out from the bridge.   
So tired after dinner. 

Getting some big muscle work in before getting back  in the truck. 
First time playing mini-golf. 

Looking at the crypt of Mr Ross and his wife. Mr Ross was the mind behind Ross dam.   

These photos were not exactly in order but they give you a general idea of the trip. After we had dinner and Isaac played mini-golf, we walked over to the museum. The grounds were still open until 7:00pm so we poked around and promised ourselves we needed to come back. 

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