August 18, 2016 – First Day of First Grade

Last year, we started a tradition of taking Isaac’s school picture in front of the Leavenworth “Welcome” sign.  This year, we agreed to spend the night at his favorite hotel, Obertal, and we made the trip more relaxing by it being a two day trip instead of over and back in one day. 

It’s kind of hard to believe Isaac is now 6 1/2 and starting First Grade. As a year round homeschooling family, I think sometimes we lose sight of how old he is and the milestones he’s accomplishing.  It’s fun to do special events to mark the transitions and Leavenworth is one of these markers. 

First stop: Red Apple in Sultan. And yes folks, that is canned bread.  No we did not buy any.   
Oh and Jason found this cool magazine for me but I didn’t buy it.   
 Next stop: Sultan Bakery.  Here Isaac and Daddy wait for breakfast to arrive. Isaac had a mini-breakfast burrito and this…
Yup. A Boston Cream filled chocolate topped entirely gluten and dairy full donut.  It was divine! 

And then we were off!  Driving to this little roadside park we had discovered the year before but in November when the bridge was flooded, we talked and listened to Jack Russell dog detective on CD.   

Here are a few photos of our time playing at the river at this place.    
Yes that’s a selfie and no you won’t see many of these. I actually like this photo though, so here you go!

It was in the low 90s today which is crazy serious hot to my Seattle born husband. Isaac was pretty roasty toasty  as well, so we swapped out his beanie for a baseball cap and built a little shelter. 

Leavenworth and our hotel were only about 10 minutes from the park/trail so we headed into town at lunchtime.  

And this is how Isaac does school pictures! 

While Daddy checked us into the hotel, Isaac turned into a dog. 

We got Room 202, a room on the second floor which was Isaac’s desire. Here he and Daddy discuss the map of the hotel. 

And last but by no means the least, here are some photos from our in town adventuring.  It was hot, we ended up letting Isaac go hatless and we checked the hat shop for a cooler headwear option. As you can see in the photos, we didn’t find one. However, we did get Sorbetto at the Gelato shop which was great because it was dairy free. And we visited the Cheese Monger because when in Leavenworth, one must.  For lunch, ate late at South. My stomach wasn’t great from the gluten and dairy at breakfast so I didn’t eat much. But by dinner, I was feeling fine.  We ended up having leftovers in the hotel room while rotating through for showers and Isaac’s bath, reading books and watching some short motorcycle  videos on YouTube.   
It has been a fun day with a fun kid. 


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