Today’s Grand Adventure… The Ravine

Today Wes and Bev invited us over for a BBQ dinner and an opportunity to repel down into the ravine behind their house which dropped us into Larimer Creek which we walked through for approximately one mile to reach Lowell Larimer Road where we then turned back, walked back to their house via the creek and then climbed back up the side of the ravine. 

Dan and Leah participated in the repelling portion but chose to go back up to the house instead of going down the creek with Jason and me. 

Here is the adventure…

Jason is tired of waiting for the adventure to begin.   
 The view of the ravine from Wes and Bev’s place.  
The decent begins.    
One of many adorable mushrooms and lichens we found along the way.  
I was waiting for traffic below me to clear, so I reported back to the top and also took a photo. 


 Jason at the first landing while Dan and Leah sort out their ropes and Dan does several of his wacky jumps. We actually got a couple of those on video. It looked fun.  

Two goofballs!  
Leah heading down while Dan takes photos.  
 Mr Shaggy

Saying goodbye to Dan and Leah as we head down stream.  

 The last time Jason and I are even remotely dry. 

 Here are a bunch of cool things we saw on our journey. 






















Jason draining his boots. He said he could tell they were waterproof because all the water going in through the top was staying inside the boot quite nicely. 

Jason taking approximately 700 years to take a photo. Of course his pictures do turn out better than my “on the fly in a Lifeproof” photos.  
Jason walking in water.  This was how we did most of our 2 miles. 

Jason under Lowell Larimer road.   

Once again in the water.   

The final ascent.   

I couldn’t take any photos after this, because while Jason was trying to use the rope to get back up while bringing it up with him at the same time to prevent trying to pull it up from the top later, I had the arrow we found in the ravine jammed into my belt loops and was scrambling up the side of the ravine using some seriously sturdy ferns as my support system. In the end, we finished together side by side and gave each other high five!

It was quite the adventure, and we finished off the day with turkey burgers and music. Well sort of… 

Well I’m showered and tired, so off to bed. 
God bless!  

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