Saturday at BrickCon

Yes folks. We did it. We went to BrickCon. We have never gone before and weren’t quite sure what to expect. After almost three hours, we were all in sensory overload, hungry and totally excited by the creativity that abounded there. 

I was hoping to get some photos from Jason as he was able to get better pictures than I was, but alas that hasn’t happened yet.  So, I’m posting these. 

Lego loving Father and Son…

Too much to see. Going “upstairs” for the overview.  Jason took Isaac on a tour this way, and then we picked out certain things we wanted to see up close. 

If I get a chance I will come back and label some of these. 

Tia Leah and Uncle Dan were there! Yay!  
After BrickCon, we went to The Armory or as us old people call it The Center House.  We grabbed some delicious mexi lunch at hmmmm a mexi place that I suddenly can’t remember the name of. It was super good and not too expensive. $8 for a huge burrito or bowl.  I’ll have to look  up the name of it and add it. Anyway, here are photos. Found it – Blue Water Taco!

And then we headed back to car but just HAD to stop at the fountain on the way back. Isaac ran and ran and ran and got totally soaked and absolutely loved it.    


Thank goodness for always carrying a dry set of clothes!  And thank you Seattle for a very fun day. 

God bless!

PS. Oops. Isaac just reminded me that I was supposed to include photos of the Bionicle Lego he purchased at BrickCon and made upon arriving home. 

 OK. Done. 

God bless. 

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