Fall Fun

First stop – Cabela’s to return some pants that didn’t fit me correctly and buy Isaac some rain/snow boots for the year. We also realized Jason still didn’t have a rain jacket after 10+ years, so we got one of those as well. 

Next stop – Foster Farms. Little store, hay maze, some goats, pumpkin patch and a corn maze. Sort of old school like we remember Bob’s and Stocker being   ages ago, and we liked the low key atmosphere. Also, it was raining rather heavily at times so there weren’t many people there. 

Final stop – Blue C Sushi for dinner. 

Here are some photos. 

  Welcome to Foster’s

 A goat
   The real goat

  The guys
  Working the goat feeding pulley
  Not sure what he was doing with his face. 
  Hugging pumpkins
  Into the maze

  Not a great year for corn mazes when you can see over them, but still fun. 
  And they are off!

  Dadgummit a blow out! Yup my Costco boots blew out today. Sad day. These were my favorite rain boots ever. Lined and warm and I wore them every day feeding chickens, yard work, mowing, beach adventures and corn mazes! Sad day. 
  The theme for this maze was Charlotte’s Web. 
  Fish eggs at Blue C Sushi. 
That’s all folks. God bless!

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