The week in photos… October 9-15, 2016

SUNDAY Parkour for Isaac. 

  Weight room for Brett. 
MONDAY  Grabbing the sunny dry weather and doing a campfire. 

  Dinner was hotdogs, fruit and roasted veggies.  I had Brussels sprouts. 
  Isaac did NOT have broccoli and cauliflower. As you can see from his face, he did not like them. 
  So much so he decided to shoot them!
  And shoot them.
  And shoot them some more. 
  Daddy FINALLY made it home from work and had dinner while we ate marshmallows. Then he read Pat McManus stories to us.
  Isaac loves a good story and good campfire. 
  Yes. I can make fire!
  Packing up for the night while daddy finishes the last story. 
TUESDAY  Looking at baby snails. 

  Walking the trail at Miner’s Corner doing a story together. 
  Goofing around with these crazy little umbrella mushrooms we found. 
  Yeah. No comment. 
  The miniature Forest of Shroom. 

 Not sure why Isaac looks so grumpy in this photo. He was having a good time in this structure we found half built. 

  We had fun playing with these glass art forms that we were pretending were alien objects that distorted us. 
  Isaac close up.  Thank goodness no boogers!
  Kind of creepy. Kind of cool. 
  This is the art we were playing with. 
  Miner’s Corner sign and a pretty flower.  
  Alien docking bay
THURSDAY  Art class – Rock Monsters

  Probably Isaac’s favorite part of art class. Playing outside with the other kids after class. 

  Dessert – Apple Nachos


Getting the gutter installed between the garage and the breezeway. 

  Pool day at Lynnwood Pool. Apparently it was a day off for Seattle public schools. The pool was packed. We had to wait half an hour for the recount to see if we would get in. We did. Isaac had fun. Had to do a little sensory overload control but he had a great time! 2 hours!
  We took Papa Murphy’s up to Jason’s dad who had a few new fun things to show Isaac like this 12′ history of the Civil War and the SPORE book on the floor near them. 


  Bought boots at Bothell Feed since mine blew out last weekend. 
  Craven Farm traditional photo. 
  Mama Muggin!
  Where are we?
  Just had to. 
  Conveniently located hat. Jason got quite a few giggles from the people in the store. 
  Used to be pumpkin shooting. Now they use apples. 
  Severe design flaw. 
  Still doing the Alice in Wonderland themed corn maze. Unfortunately the wind storm destroyed large portions of it and no one had gone into fix it yet. 
  Angry flower!
  Happy flower
  Examining a worm. 
  Completely destroyed. 
  Duck races. 
Sadly half the stuff at Craven was trashed, not working, unsafe or ruined.  It was a bit of a downer as this was one of Jason and Isaac’s favorite places. I did talk to a worker and she assured me she would pass on my concerns to the owners/management.  We do feel the baristas in the coffee shop we’re absolutely awesome and give them two thumbs up. Great drinks as well. 

Well that’s the end of our week. Many many good things.  God bless

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