Hearts Homeschool Meetup – LEGO Club – Mazes

Today Isaac joined the Hearts Homeschool LEGO club.   We met at JAM Academy and all the kids brought their LEGO mazes, set them up, viewed each other’s mazes, built with a pile of Legos on the floor.  Isaac seemed to have a good time and learned a few new tricks from the other kids’ creations. 

  Isaac and Dylan discussing Isaac’s maze. 
  An elaborate maze with a scavenger hunt built into the front part and a “happy place” at the back once you make it through the front treachery. 

  Someone’s garden. Unfortunately I missed the name. 

  Hunter’s Maze – He had a ton of story, traps and different things you could do including changing characters midway through. 
  Brynn’s Dragon – This one had some pitfalls. See the two goblets in the middle? Don’t choose the wrong one!  There were several other traps as well. 
  Dylan’s Castle – He kept asking if people wanted to come be trapped in his castle. 
  Mini-mazes. Mid day by Brady, Narnia by Maura and I did not catch who did the one in front. 

 Maya’s Magical Maze – Somehow I got a photo of this but didn’t actually get to look at it much. 

  LEGO pile for playing with! I decided I’m going to have to donate a LEGO separator or two. 

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