Saturday October 22, 2016 – A hike with my pioneer women

The few, the proud, the Pioneers. I sort of named a group of ladies I hang with the Princesses and the Pioneers. Some fit more into the Princess class while others fit more into the Pioneer class while most float between the two as life takes us on our journey. 

On Saturday, I got to do a hike with the Pioneers. The hearty women not afraid to get their feet wet and hike 8 plus miles through creeks, sunshine, snow or whatever else may end up on our path. Truly blessed to know and love these ladies.
  Yup. 6:30am and pitch black outside. Loading the truck. 
  The road was washed out so parking was a nightmare. We finally got parked and started getting ready to hike. Laura in the foreground. Kristi bent over fixing her boot. 
  This is such a lovely photo of Jeanne. I’m sure she’ll love that I posted a picture of her getting a plastic bag ready to put her shoes in. 
  It’s just amazing out there!
  This is the hike we did. Heading up to Esmeralda Basin. Everyone else went to the lake so we literally had the trail to ourselves until we were on our way back. 
  I like signs. 
  Always take a photo of the map in case you need it along the way and haven’t brought one with you. 
  This is the actual parking and turn around area where the bathroom is. Of course, the road was washed out a mile before this so it was a mile walking on the road just to get to the starting point which was a nice warm up after driving for 2 hours. 
  There were several “streams” we had to cross. 
  Big pretty trees
  Big pretty mountains 
  Kristi and Laura leading the way. 
  Naked tree!
  This was not a good place to slip and fall. Good thing no one did. 
  More hiking butts
  So it gets a little windy at the top in case you can’t tell from the naked and leaning trees. 
  Still beautiful

  The gals!
  Kristi took this one. I think Jeanne and I look like we are too cool for school. 
  Kristi’s pretty mountain photo. 
  The Pioneers
  What I do during lunch time. 
  So many pretty streams. 
  Another one
  Yup. My classic potty shot!
  Post hike dinner
  Looked better before I devoured most of it. 
God bless the Pioneers!!!!!

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