Bugs bugs bugs bugs

Amazing Arthropods presented by Animal Encounters. 

Sequoia Homeschool Enrichment programs cover things from art to ants and everything in between and up through Z.  This class was Amazing Arthropods and Kim from Animal Encounters didn’t disappoint.  Although the class was only an hour long and it had a bunch of excited and also a few nervous kids, Kim managed the class with skill, kindness and time awareness. Every kid was given an opportunity to ask the questions they had, answer the questions she asked and touch/hold/look at the creatures she brought.  

Here are some photos. 

  For those who came a bit early, there was a moment to look at the bugs in their boxes. 
  Then Kim began teaching. 

 Then the fun began. Here Isaac is holding a Feigning Death Beetle. 

  And now a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. 
  Kim telling the kids they can’t hold Rosie the Rose Hair Tarantula because she’s like a water balloon and if they drop her… splat. 
  They did however get to “shake hands” with her. 
  Scorpion 1. Honestly I can’t remember all the details. He was cool though. No touching this one. Just looking. 
  Did you know that scorpions glow under black light? I did not. But cool!
  Yep. See? There’s another one. Glowing!
  Then there was this one. Like something out of a sci-fi movie. Touching and looking only were allowed. 
  Here’s a better picture of the beast!
 A vinegaroon.  There’s an old wives tail that if these bite you all you’ll taste is vinegar for a week. In fact, they don’t bite. However the stuff they shoot at their enemies does smell like vinegar. Weird science. 

  Apparently a closer look was needed. 
  Now my favorite – South African Millipede aka Shongolo. 
  Isaac enjoyed this guy as well. 
  These are now illegal to import into the US due to a mite they carry. All SA millipedes in the US must be bred in captivity within the US to be legal. 
  These are like slugs in SA. They are very plentiful. They are now worth $700 a piece. 
  He would have let it keep going but class was almost over and the kid next to him still needed a turn. 
  This is another kind of millipede but I can’t remember its official name. I didn’t spend my childhood playing with these ones.  Just the big black ones. 
Well as you can probably tell Isaac and I loved this class. 

God bless. 

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