October 29, 2016 – Gathering Pumpkins

Normally we get our pumpkins very early in the season, but that just didn’t work out this time. So, on October 29th, we donned our rain gear and headed to Bailey’s Farm with Wes and Bev. First time we’ve ever gotten our pumpkins there, and we loved it. Annie was fantastic, the prices were great, and we felt like we were being welcomed into a family farm not visiting an agro-tourism farm. Yup that’s an actual term we learned. Here are photos from our day at the farm. 

  When we arrived there was a goose migration occurring. Hundreds maybe even a thousand geese passed over us. We probably looked pretty funny watching them and everyone trying to get a good photo.  I can’t even remember how many batches of birds like this went over us. As soon as one passed over, another group was heading our way. 
   Playing on hay. 
 Three generations.   Cool pumpkin covered tractor 

 I was trying to get this beautiful photo, but there was a wheelbarrow in the way.  

 This kind gentleman moved it for me. 

 Then promptly gave me this view! Love you Jason!  

 There were several funky pumpkin guys around the field. Oh and those pumpkin snowmen type things too. 

  Isaac and I were King and Queen.  
 It is seriously hard to get a clear photo of a boy on a tire swing made to look like a horse.  

 Isaac beat me in the hay race we had, so he got to be the King! 

 I love this kid! 

 Hay wrestling 

 just cute 

 still cute  

 Mother and son. 

 Daddy grew a tail in hay!

  Going on a hay ride.  
 So serious.  

BTW: We had a great day! We even got pumpkins. You’ll have to see the pumpkin carving post to see them though. 

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