October 29, 2016 – Pumpkin Carving

  I always feel like I look like I’m trying to kill the thing.  
 Popping off the top.  

 Fascinated with the guts.  

 Using teamwork 

 Isaac insisted I take this photo.   

 Discussing the plan 

 Rubber gloves because I’m kind of allergic to pumpkin guts.  

 The top of my pumpkin.  

 Wes working hard on triple pumpkin creation.  

 Design work for Isaac’s pumpkin.  

 No clue what we were doing.   

 Wes still working hard. Pretty sure this was the most effort I’ve ever seen him put into his pumpkin carving. It’s worth it.   

 Isaac transferring the design idea to his pumpkin.  

 Isaac’s drawing. Ready to carve.  

 Why are you holding that there Bev? You are too strange sometimes. 🙂 

 That’s better. 

 OK Jason, she’s going back to carving now.  

 Wes’ creation. 

  Apparently if you drop your carving tool it will stick straight into the floor. 
  Isaac’s Smaug!
  Watching Okee Dokee brothers with Daddy.  Introducing grandma to one of our current favorite movies.

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