October 31, 2016 – Halloween or Falloween as we call it

One of our two big parties each year, we try to make our Falloween Party fun, safe and low key.

 Cleared the last of the gravel from the parking spot to make more room for cars and to fill in the low spots in the driveway. 
  Spray painted the Deadman’s Cove sign early in the day, so by the time Jason got home to hang it, it was dry. 
  Looks pretty good hanging from our 12 year old Halloween Welcome sign! Hi Pip!
  Pirates are ready for visitors. 
  Optimus Prime is ready as well. 
  Optimus and Grandma Pirate are doing a court trial on the alien. 
  Grandma Pirate is the judge.  It was a wacky day. 
  Then this turkey showed up!
  The trick or treating horde!
  My dad getting ready to take Isaac out with the crew. 
  Zachary in full on chain mail! The helmet weighed like 8000 pounds. I think I need a suit like this to stay warm and build up my hiking muscles. 🙂
  Oh look the other turkey showed up!
  Very happy and very pregnant! Jeremy and Melody are expecting their first kiddo in January! Congrats guys. 
  Pirate ship looked pretty cool in the dark. 
  What people saw when they made it down the driveway. 
  I’m pretty pleased with our pumpkins this year. 
Overall we had somewhere around 30 guests in our home, tons of delicious food, and over 100 trick or treaters. I forgot the final tally but I think it was 128. 

Next year’s theme?  Not sure yet. We shall see what Isaac dreams up.  

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