November 13-15 – Leavenworth!

 Our annual trip to Leavenworth for my birthday was a lot of fun this year. Bev aka Millie and my mom came up and actually spent the night this year. Their hotel was gorgeous and they had a great time staying up laughing well into the night.  Jason, Isaac and I stayed at Obertal where we usually do and enjoyed our extended 2 night stay. We found a great GF restaurant – Wok About Grill – where the ribs were divine, the prices were fair and the people left stuffed to the gills. 

First stop – Sultan Bakery where Isaac and I cheat twice a year and eat gluten.      


After many many years of driving past the knife shop, we finally stopped. The lady there was extremely nice and they had a wide range of knives.  We didn’t buy anything, but it was fun to finally stop. 

 Welcome to Leavenworth!  
Hotel time. Thank you Obertal for nice quiet old school rooms that we enjoy.  As always you’ve done a good job with your Christmas lights as well.  

More Christmas lights seen while in Leavenworth. 
We always enjoy looking at the signs in the stores. Here are a few we enjoyed this year. 


We also enjoy our food!

This chocolatier is fun!   
 Checking out the bear safe garbage can at the park. We love walking down by the water. 
Wok About Grill had this cool sink.  
Isaac and his bear buddy. Not sure why he looks like he’s eating his head.  

 Isaac being a king at a toy store.  
Our fortunes…   
And on that note, we say goodbye to Leavenworth and look forward to our next adventure. 



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