Nov 25, 2016 – To Portland and Back

Jason found a very good deal on a race bike already prepared for his weight which is pretty hard to find since most motorcycle racers aren’t 6’5″ tall!  Well we decided to wake up early Friday morning and drive to Portland for the bike. Here are a few photos of our journey. 

  First stop – Breakfast at Jeremy’s Farm to Table a restaurant Jason found online while I was driving. It had pretty good reviews and a gluten free menu, so we stopped in.   They also have a farm stand but it wasn’t open when we arrived. 

  Isaac’s adorable GF pancakes. 
  Bacon, Eggs and Potatoes. This was before I pulled myself back off of eggs. Although I might still cheat for such an occassion as a road trip. 
  Isaac was having a GF tortilla while Jason and the seller loaded the bike on the back. 
  Bike plus goodies. 
 Trying to fit the last few pieces in. 
  And then the bike. 
And then we were on our way home. I was a little nervous driving with a truck full of race parts and a bike hanging off the back, but God kept it all together and safe. 
We stopped at McDonalds on the way home. I know. Can you believe it?  Well it must have been nature’s way of reminding me not to eat there because as Isaac and I headed in to get food, I got nailed head to toe by Seagull poop!  No joke. And McD’s no longer has paper towels so clean up was unpleasant. 

 This is the bike on the back of the truck while parked at McDs. Jason stayed with the truck. 

 I can’t remember the name of the park we stopped at in Chehalis.  Jason and Isaac got out and explored while I attempted to dig spare clothes out of our emergency tub which was buried under a truck bed of bike parts!  Here are some of the cool photos Jason took at the park.   
 There you go. It was Borst Park. 

After the park, we were all freezing and grabbed hot cocoa at Starbucks just up the street before getting back on the freeway and heading for home. 

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