Nov 30, 2016 Adventure with Uncle Robb

Uncle Robb had been wanting to take Isaac to the Fun Center for over a month. It finally worked out that we could go, so we picked Uncle Robb up at his place and headed over. They weren’t open yet, so off we went to Winco to get a couple things, then we hit Starbucks for some hot cocoa ad then we went to Dollar Tree where Isaac picked out his Christmas gifts for his cousins and best friends.  Then the Fun Center was finally open! 

  Robb getting out of the truck and wrestling with his coat. 
  Isaac running around the truck urging Uncle Robb to hurry. 
  The game Isaac went back to the most! Coney Island shooting!  
  Isaac testing his grabber hand skills. This one was particularly hard because even when you grabbed something you weren’t assured you’d get it because it had this push feature like the bulldozer game. After two tries, he decided he’d rather spend his tokens elsewhere. 
  This photo is a little blurry but it shows his excited at the tickets he won on the last game he played – no clue what game that was. 
  Next up was mini-golf where Robb couldn’t help himself and cheated! It was pretty funny because we weren’t even keeping score. Isaac is actually pretty good at this game and really enjoys it. There were 18 holes – half are indoors and half are outdoors. 
  Uncle Robb lining up! I think he may have made this hole in 2 shots!
  Hey batter batter!
  A strange pirate in a treasure chest!
  This Dino-grab game was fun and Isaac spent a couple of tokens on it. He and I worked together and he got a Dino right away. Then we snagged another one but it fell.  He wanted to try one more time and bingo! We grabbed two in one shot, so he got back the one he had dropped and walked away with three dinosaurs. 
  Kind of excited!
  Back to Coney Island. 
  We made a pretty good team and got a lot of tickets on this game. Isaac liked it because everything you hit did something. The cat meowed. The bird spun around. The shoes tapped.  The garbage can had a guy come out of it. The ice cream cones shot you with water. I gotta admit. It was pretty fun. 
  Group photo! We’ll sort of. 🙂
Off to lunch at Hop Jacks. Robb had been there before but Isaac and  I had not. They have a pretty good gluten free selection. Oh we got there right at Happy Hour which was unintended but awesome! Isaac eating space pods aka edamame. 
  Robb’s Flatbread
  Isaac’s GF fish tacos. Most places won’t change a happy hour item to make it allergy friendly but they did. Thanks Hop Jacks!
  My gluten free jalapeño burger with tater tots. Looks kind of gross since I already ate half of it before taking a photo but honestly it was good.
With fullybellies and happy hearts, we drove Robb home and then headed off towards home ourselves where my soap zombie took a bath and we relaxed and remembered a very fun day with Uncle Robb. 

Soap zombie  

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