Early morning snuggles as we try to get going. Gotta do Christmas at home before heading off to be with extended family.   
Santa seems to be leaving a nutcracker under Isaac’s little bedroom Christmas tree each year.   
The traditional placement of Jesus to start our Christmas Day with our hearts and minds on the true reason for the season.   
The penguin now known as Flappy.  
Pip’s Christmas present was that she now gets to be on the couch IF her blanket is on the couch. She’s in heaven.   
 A happy tired boy reading a card. 
Tearing into a gift  
Yup. So excited he became a blur!  
 Closer examination needed.  
Isaac bought daddy a gift with his own money this year.   
 He thinks it’s pretty hilarious… 
It’s a lump of coal!  Hahahaha 




And now he gives him the REAL gift… 


 The cool thing about this story is that I asked Isaac if he wanted to buy Daddy a Christmas present with his own money this year and he instantly jumped on the opportunity and knew EXACTLY what Lego he wanted to buy him. The challenge became trying to find it, but we did. 🙂

Isaac bought me a HUGE water bottle “So mama can go hiking.” 

OK so apparently my photo taking skills ended at about noon on Christmas Day. I have a few photos of our time at Wes and Bev’s and then zero photos for the rest of the day. So you’ll just have to read about it. Oh yeah. I remember what happened. I lost my phone!!! Anyway, here are pictures from our time at the Spore’s before I lost my phone. 

 The King and I? No. That’s just Wes trying to conduct a musical ensemble.   
 Dan and Leah – Dan is attempting the infamous two trumpet maneuver.  
 Bev hitting her note 
 Jason and Isaac playing along.  
Bev’s beautiful tree and a bounty of gifts below.    
He’s already tired and it’s only noon.   
 Bev loves her Seahawks blanket. I think you could get her almost anything Seahawks related and she’d be stoked.  
 Wes opening something.  
 Bev’s chicken – rooster – whatever. Don’t ask. She’s happy. 
Designer Leah prepares the rooster for the main stage. 

Well like I said at some point after this I lost my phone for the rest of the day, so here’s a recap. 

I rushed home to let the dog out while Jason and Isaac stayed at Spore’s. I rushed back to pick them up. We then rushed over to my parents where we ate what we could, but we were still full from a late breakfast. Then we all sat around and fell asleep like stuffed pigs before someone announced “We are supposed to be over at Robb and Cry’s in half an hour!” And off we ran. John, Katie and the girls met us there and we all exchanged Christmas gifts.  It was controlled chaos. Robb and Crys had a lot of snack food options and dessert. Their tree was very pretty. We had a great time, but we were extremely tired at the end of the day. So we say goodnight Family and goodnight Christmas.   We love you both. 

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