Feb 12, 2017 – The park hunt success day!

We headed out for a sunny day drive. No rain in February-grab it and go! We went out towards Duvall and started looking for a park for Isaac to run off some energy. The parks were all packed… of course… it’s February, it’s Sunday, it’s sunny. So park after park, we drove in of by and moved on… until… this one. The park itself is pretty nice. It has a honey bucket not a real toilet which is a bummer but at least it had a toilet of some kind. There was a lot of things to play on and a small basketball court. The amazing thing was that the kids weren’t playing alone while the parents played on their phones. The parents were all engaged with their kids!  It was awesome!

 Jason went on a little exploratory walk while Isaac and I played on the playground. What you’ll see next is what he found… 

 The trail down 
 To the BIG rock 
Which they of course had to climb  
 The BIG rock leaned over a small stream 
Which we, of course, had to play in  
Keep in mind Jason is 6’5″ tall  
 A couple of boys came down a few minutes after this and headed across the stream and up the other side. When Isaac saw what they were doing, he headed that direction. A lot of times kids don’t accept an outsider very well, but when Isaac asked if he could try, they said “Yes!” This is a photo from later on when another kid had joined them and all four were taking turns.  
 Yes he is enjoying himself! 
The boys’ got called back by their mom, and Isaac wasn’t quite done. So Jason helped with the rope swing while I filmed.  

He is WAY over my head!  
We played in the water a little while longer, and then we realized it was close to dinner, Isaac was wet and muddy and we should probably head back.  

It truly was a beautiful afternoon.

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