Feb 9, 2017 – Bellingham with Grandma

My mom had to go to Bellingham to see her eye doctor and asked if Isaac and I wanted to go along. We said yes and off we went!  We picked up Grandma who valiantly road in the backseat of the truck so she could play with and talk to Isaac. When we got to Bellinghamit was lunch time and we found a GF Thai place with decent reviews. Both my mom and Isaac love Thai so we went there. Then we dropped my mom off at the eye doctor and Isaac and I went to Barnes and Noble where we looked at many books and bought a couple including the Star Wars Math Book for Grade 1 which he is doing on his own. We then went back to help grandma pick out glasses, played in the snow pile while we waited for her and then started our journey back home. Along the way we stoped at a GF bakery in Bellingham which was OK but nowhere near as good as 5Bs in Concrete.  We also stopped at a thrift store in Mount Vernon and Bonhoeffer Botanical Gardens. Then it was a straight shot to my mom’s condo and back home. Long and wonderful day!


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