Misc Jan 2017

The Excalibur Carrot – Lego orc sword in a carrot.  

January 21 – Jason and I got to go on a date!!!  We went to Paul Allen’s Museum of Flight 

Jan 22 – My hiking sister sent me this photo of herself. Words cannot express how much I miss this woman. 

January 23 – Isaac’s first swim lesson with Coach Glen  

Jan 25 – Grandma stopped by and Isaac wanted to show her his Scooby Doo Mummy Lego set.  

Jan 26 – Isaac’s first can for his metal recycling business.  

Jan 27 – We get some beautiful sunrises.  

Jan 28 – Hunting down a coolant leak in the truck. Come to find out a rat had chewed the hose. Easy fix once we found the problem.  

Jan 29 – Read this on FB and loved it.  

Jan 29 – Jason is making dinner! Well meatloaf anyway. He even bought all the ingredients “Brett Safe.” 

Jan 30 – Swim lesson #2! 

Jan 31 – And another tooth is out! 

Jan 31 – Like his parents, Isaac really gets into his work! 

Jan 31 – Snaggletooth 

Jan 31 – sweet box jump from my little Parkour boy. Looks killer on video.  

Jan 31 – Jason and I got ANOTHER date!!! We were joined by this strange alien.  

Jan 31 – Blueberry tongue. This kid would eat all the frozen blueberries you will give him.  


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