Annual Arizona Trip Begins – March 4, 2017

Bev drove us to the airport. Isaac read his Secret Mission documents almost entirely on his own.   
Walking through SeaTac. Man he’s growing up but he’s still got his bear. Special Agent Brown Bear enjoys going to AZ.  

Looking at the reader board to see where we needed to go.  


This is how well a 6’5″ adult male fits in economy seats! Ah so comfortable. 

Junior Aviator Isaac Spore was given a flight log book and a set of wings. American Airlines might not have the most leg room but they gave us exceptional customer service.  


Riding the moving walkway 


You know you’re in AZ when there is a race car and tv advertising Bondurant!    

Grandpa picked us up at the airport and had a treasure box in the back seat for Isaac.  

Grandpa trying to drive safely among the loonies 

 Isaac hugging his petting cactus. 

Grandpa and Isaac on a treasure hunt. Isaac buried a grapefruit and then drew a treasure map for it. We are the grapefruit at dinner – well I did!  


My mom booked a late flight with a 10:15 arrival, so my dad and I went to get her and waited in the cell phone lot. This is how bright the reader board is there! On top of it being way to bright at night, it is also immensely innacurate – 30 minutes off for both our flight and my mom’s. Thankfully I have data on my phone and could look up the real time updates on the Skyharbor and Alaska Airlines websites.  


And day one is done. Goodnight. 

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