Feb 17, 2017 – Bainbridge Island

Jason took the day off and we went adventuring on Bainbridge Island. It was a cool but clear day. 

 On the ferry 
At the park in town   
Waiting for  Mama to get back from the senior center thrift store.  

Cool old school VW  
Someone is excited about his full of gluten alien cookie.    Yes sometimes we do cheat on the gluten thing.  1 cookie. 
 Digging into the cookie bag. 

 Rotary Park for the win!!! This place was awesome. This place was a Parkour playground and had so many cool features: log area, bouldering rock, fake rocks, fake grass which I’ve never been a fan of until now, a little fort type place, a slide, killer swings and seesaw and the list goes on. 


Isaac demonstrating the best “parent and me” swing I’ve seen yet!  

Cool gardening trellis   

4-person seesaw
Gazzam Lake Nature Preserve – This was a highlight of our trip as well. The hike down to the water is fun and easy but coming back up is a little tiring! Come early or in less than stellar weather as there aren’t many parking spots – like 7 maybe. 

At the water. My guys’ favorite place. 

My sad face rock.   

  Examining the dead crab  

Jason’s weird internal branch of a tree photo.   

Jason and Isaac on the way down the trail. 

 Isaac and me on the way back up the trail.  
Grabbing food at Madison Diner. Killer story of restoration in this place. Isaac and I really liked our food. Jason wasn’t happy with his.  

Our last stop before heading home – the closed museum. Isaac was super bummed that it was closed, so we made plans to come back again and do that along with several other places we want to check out next time. Here are a few photos from outside the museum.         
The sunset ferry ride  



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