Miscellaneous February 2017

Whacky kid! 


Frozen earth where I imagine a crystal world of miniature people dwelling.  


Feb 2 – Cattail Farm 



What is Bev doing? I do not know. Why did I take this photo? I do not know.  

Preparing to smash cans for his recycling biz  

Feb 6th – Another snow day 

And swimming – yes snowing and swim lesson do go together quite well.

 This is one of my all time favorites. Coach Glen is so amazing with Isaac. He really gets down on his level and works with him and listens and cares. Thank God for this man.
Feb 6 – Daddy is selling off a lot of his old lego’s but in order to do that, he had to first make sure all the parts are there. This resulted in an extremely fun day for Isaac.  

Feb 7 – Lego love 

Feb 10 – I think Bev is examining an alien although it might have been a zombie.  I had just walked in and saw this. Hilarious.  


Feb 13 – jump in and swim 

Feb 13 – Find the monkey in the tree 


Feb 15 – Had all the cousins over while their mom and dad went van shopping.  Rebecca and Alexa and I played a couple games. They really seem to enjoy games and it was fun watching their personalities and strengths.  


Which egg is from my hen and which is from the store? 

Making faces 


Doing school  

Attacking pinecone people – one of Isaac’s favorite outside games  


Feb 21 – adding compost to the garden 

Feb 22 – Swim lesson 

Feb 25 – Finally got some hooks for guest coats. This was a coat rack Jason has had forever. He cut it in half and mounted it here. Works great.  

Terrible picture but this is our dog doing what she so often does – not what we want. Hahaha. She’s resting just outside of her bed. Why? We don’t know. She loves her bed when it’s in her crate.  

Feb 26 – Molding creatures 


Feb 26 – The girls 

Feb 27 – Last swim class before departure for Arizona  

And that’s all she wrote. 

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