March 7 2017 – 3 Days of Adventuring Begins

Stop #1 – Casa Grande – It wasn’t open yet so we did a drive by.  
Stop #2 – A Giant gas station where we all used the bathroom, grabbed some snacks and Isaac, Special Agent Brown Bear and Jason explored outside for a bit while Dad and I stretched our backs.  
 Stop #3 – Mission San Xavier del Bac

 In the distance

Getting closer

  Gettin out of the car. I don’t know why I took this photo. Maybe I was bored. 
  Jason, Special Agent Brown Bear and Inspector Isaac checking out the strange stones in the ground. 
  This place is beautiful. 
Stop #4 – Titan II Missile Museum and Launch Silo

 Heading to the building   
 A day Jason has waited for

  Let me introduce you to the Titan II
  They actually have cans of emergency drinking water for sale. Note the sign says it was pure when canned but they don’t recommend drinking it after all these years. 
  Mission briefing aka a video giving the history of the Titan II.
  Daddy is over 6′ so he had to wear a hard hat. We are all waiting to go down into the launch area. 
  A giant suspension spring
  Listening patiently
  Control room
  Control panel
  Too tall!
  Too hot!
  Looking in at the Titan II
  Examining and listening
  Still too tall
  Jason’s photo of the Titan II
  Isaac outside looking in through the glass at the Titan II
  What we could see lookig in. 
  Engine inspection
  Hello in there!
  See my dad really was with us!
Stop #5 – Pub 1922

 Pretty good food and GF options. 

Stop #6 – Boothill Tombstone, AZ


 Isaac read EVERY SINGLE grave marker on Boothill. 

  Jewish Memorial – I ran down to take a photo and see if it was worth the guys coming down. Everyone was pretty hot and tired. 

Stop #7 – Katie’s Cozy Cabin   
 Dad ended up using the kid sized bunk bed. Sleeping arrangements were interesting. 

Stop #8 – Longhorn Restaurant. 

  My dad stayed home to rest his headache while Jason, Isaac and I wen to get more food. Yes more food!
   Waiting for dinner
 Hilarious! The newspapers and ads on the tables were fun to read while we waited.  

 Rice and beans with chips and salsa. 

  Meatloaf for Jason
  Grilled chicken salad for me
And then we walked “home” 



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