March 8 2017 – Tombstone and Bisbee

“Woke up” is a pretty loose term considering none of us slept very well. But we “got up” and went to breakfast. Pretty much we spent most meals at Longhorn because we knew the food was pretty good and affordable and it hadn’t made anyone sick. 


 Heading into town for breakfast.   
In a western town…

  O.K. Corral – Isaac watched this mock up several times.   
He also enjoy the rest of the outdoor part of the museum. 

  As did I.   
But his favorite was the re-enactment. He was waiting so patiently for it to begin. 


And it began…

He absolutely LOVED the show and stood clapping at the end. 

Photos with the Earps 
 Mama’s Mules

  The Epitaph Museum  

The Rose Tree – World’s Largest Rose Bush    

And then lunch at Longhorn and into the car and off to Bisbee. 

 Chatting with Daddy in the trolley motor. 

Trying out the sanitation car.   

Playing with a new friend. 
I really liked this house and the cool concrete drainage ditch/walkway. 

Our dinner restaurant – Screaming Banshee Pizza


Walking back to the car up this very narrow and steep road.  

And off we went back to our cozy cabin.   Where we chatted and goofed around and wrote the blog and went to bed. More adventures tomorrow! 

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