March 9 2017 – Tombstone to AJ

We woke up and yes “woke up” is appropriate as we all slept better last night. Then we headed toward Apache Junction and my parents’ house, but made some stellar stops along the way. 

First some final photos of Isaac and the cabin.  


And into the car we go… Isaac was filming out the window and makingup stories.  


Stop #1 – Gourmet Girls Gluten Free Bakery in Tucson

Based on Find Me GF recommendations we gave this place a try. Prices were good and bad depending on what you got. I think Jason ended up getting the best thing – Breakfast Quesadilla. It was really good!  Isaac and o both got cupcakes and although they were ridiculously expensive. They tasted great! And in the end, we got them for free! Jason came out to the car after paying the bill and showed me the receipt because they had a computer glitch and he had to use his cash. I told him the cupcakes weren’t on there and he ran back in to let them know. They said “Count your blessings.” And Jason said “Are you sure?” And Hector the Protector said “Andele andele!” And shoo shooed him out the door. 

 Everything is GF


looking at a magazine and waiting for food 

Cheesy Grandpa and his veggie scramble – he enjoyed it but felt it needed another egg to hold the pile of veggies together better  

little man and his breakfast sandwich and potatoes – sandwich was a little dry in my opinion/potatoes were yummy

My blueberry pancakes – very good


Jason’s Breakfast Quesadilla – fantastic flavor and texture


Isaac and his chocolate forest cupcake. Yum!


Stop #2 – Flandrau Science Center and Planetarium – Tucson

Gem display

This cool thing showed what rainfall does and how it creates watershed and flows. The sand was a manipulative and we really enjoyed playing with it. As you adjust the sand levels, the projector displayed corrected elevations. Then you could make it rain by holding your hand over an area.   
Isaac and I enjoyed playing this game. You roll for shapes and then try to build your 3 hexagons before the other players.  

Isaac also enjoyed playing this game where you try to roll the ball down the ramp and get it into the hole.  
 I lost my dad and Jason in the games section for awhile. 


Then Isaac joined Jason and solved this wickedly hard block puzzle before moving on to this challenge.  

 Into the moon we went.  

Special Agent Brown Bear was hiding.   

Then downstairs we went to the Mineral Museum. Wow.   


Stop #3 – Downtown at the Diablo Burger restaurant. I also took a picture of the theater because it looked old and cool.     

Stop #3 – Rooster Cogburn’s Ostrich Ranch

My dad had a lot of fun feeding the donkeys. Let’s face it, we all enjoyed it.      

 Isaac absolutely loved feeding the parakeets. I took SO MANY photos.       

Fallow Deer were very friendly and when they took the food from our hands it felt like a dog nuzzling. Isaac took the picture of me feeding the deer… and about 35 more pictures of just the deer including the few I included here.           
The goat penthouse was kind of fun as you send pellets up a conveyor belt. Isaac enjoyed cranking on that – a lot.  


Then it was off to visit the other goats called The Hole in the Wall Gang.  


I ran off to use the restroom and came back to find the guys feeding the sheep. They too were adorable and made me want my hobby farm even more.  


We had been thoroughly warned about the Ostrich and having grown up in Africa, we were well aware of their pecking power.  So we were careful to keep our blue cups out of reach as well as our fingers.       

The rabbits were so friendly!    



Next we fed the ducks. I got nipped pretty solidly by one little stinker. Isaac did most of the duck feeding.  


Our final animal to feed – The Lorikeet. Rooster Cogburn’s himself was going in to feed the Lorikeets at that precise moment as they were closing for the evening. Rooster went in and took most of the Lorikeets with him it he left enough for us to have fun. He even checked back to make sure we had enough birds.        

Well we should have been done at that point but the gal that worked there didn’t shoo shoo us away and the deer were still out. I still had feed in my cup, so we went back over to give the rest to the deer.  As you can see in the photo, one poor dude got a blue cup on his head.  He wouldn’t let us pull it off so we took a photo instead.    

Then our final destination before departing – the sting rays. They were SO SOFT!  Isaac had a bit of a fear of sting rays at the zoo last year, so it was super thrilling to see him petting them this year.         

Thank you Rooster Cogburn! We had a wonderful time!  

And then we drove home. Phew! What a day!

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