March 13 2017 – Goldfield

Tired of sitting around the house and it’s our last day in Arizona. So we decided to go to a gold mining ghost town just 10 minutes from my parents’ house. My mom stayed home but my dad came with us. 

Looking for bees. They were all over the old cars!  


Jason asked Isaac if he wanted to do the zip line. Miraculously, Isaac said “Yes.” So they bought tickets and got in line – only there really wasn’t much of a line – maybe 6 people.  


Excitedly waiting to get on. Had his hat off because you should not wear one on the ride or you will probably lose it.  


Playing with the scale while waiting. You’re next guys! 


Going in 


Getting seated  


Getting buckled in 


And then things went south. Isaac started getting extremely anxious. The guy unclipped the belt that holds the seats down for loading and Isaac started to panic. Jason pulled the plug and decided to abort. Isaac was not a happy camper but he got off and stayed with my dad while Jason and I rode together instead and promised to report back. This is me and Jason on the ride.  Can you tell?  My dad was really good about staying with Isaac AND trying to take pictures with my phone.  

  OK bottom line, going backwards was scary. It even freaked me out, and I’ve climbed mountains and jumped out of airplanes. The last 10 feet it chugs and lurches, and every time it does this you tip forward. The only thing between you and a 100′ fall is a lap belt and the ONE hand hold you have. I did NOT enjoy it.  Then going forward was sort of boring and anticlimactic until the end when they hammer the extremely loud brakes. 

After we got off, Jason gave Isaac his version of the report of our trip. I stayed out of it. Isaac said he wanted to try again. He was still very anxious but he wanted to face his fear and do it. 

Here they are at the top! 

Here they are dismounting.  

 Here is what Jason wrote in his phone afterward.

3/13/17 – SOOOO proud of Isaac today. We were at Goldfield Ghost Town in Arizona where they have a new(ish) zipline ride. We asked Isaac if he wanted to try it and he said, “sure!” Off I went to get tickets. We had to wait for a couple pairs of people to go before us, then it was our turn. Isaac did very well as we got buckled in, but he kind of freaked out when the operator released the chair to begin the climb (you start at the bottom, get raised to the top, then zip back down again). He absolutely did not want to go, so I told the operator to abort the ride – Brett and I went instead while Isaac watched. When we got back, he said he really wanted to try it, so we got another pair of tickets and went for another try. He was kind of panicky while everything got buckled, then we were off. He held my hands and didn’t really appear to be having much fun. I tried to distract him by having him look for Jackalopes below. We got to the top (my least favorite part as they kind of jerk the chair a bit for the last few feet which tips you forward against the seat belt and a 100′ drop) then the released the chair and we zipped toward the landing area at around 30mph. The descent is nice, but the stop is very late, very abrupt, and very loud. Isaac was pretty shaken up by the trip so I carried him to the next area. He said something along the lines of, “that was the worst thing I’ve ever done in my life.”

Here’s why I’m proud of him: the entire thing was his idea. I did not force him, I didn’t pressure him, mom took his place on his aborted first attempt, but HE wanted to do it and HE chose to try again. He pushed past his anxiety and was able to do what he wanted to do, even though he later claimed it was the worst thing he had ever done. I can’t express how amazing this was and how awesome it was to simply support him in a challenge he chose to undertake. No pressure, only support. I’ll see what he thinks of this in a few days once he’s had some time to process everything. I love him so much.”

We are so proud of this little man!

———- next ——–

Waiting for the train. My dad and I were in the cabboose so it was nearly impossible to get pictures during the ride. 


Down in the mine. Hard to take pictures.  

Mystery Shack – Isaac loved this place! 

After that Jason got some ice cream and we hit the road for home. Oh I forgot to mention it was something like 90 degrees while we were there and I’m pretty sure no one even knows what gluten free means. Isaac and I lived on GF protein bars and we shared some French fries. Isaac also had a shaved ice. I won the healthy mom award that day for sure!

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