March 17, 2017 – St Patrick’s Day aka We’ve Got Chicks Day!

We had talked about hatching eggs this year but then Bothell Feed had chicks. Isaac got all excited and decided not to incubate eggs this year. Since we went to AZ and have another trip coming up, we had a small window during which we wanted to get chicks and have them get to where they can be outside before the next trip. So we borrowed my brother’s brooder which he had loaned to his friend Tony, and we set it up in our bathroom.  John’s brooder is getting a workout this year for sure! Then Isaac and I headed off to Bothell Feed to buy the food and 4 chicks he wanted.  

These are the four kinds he wanted.    
 Prices at Bothell Feed are definitely not the cheapest but the people there are awesome and so understanding of Isaac and we just really like supporting them. (That was an awesome run on sentence.)

Here are some photos of the lady and Isaac picking chicks. She was so kind and patient and helpful.  She let him look at the faces, and then he would say yes or no.  She was super cool and she even gave us one extra


Taking his babies home in the truck. 


Carrying precious cargo.   

Meet the chicks… and one seriously happy boy.  


Getting used to their new home 


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