March 31, 2017 – Isaac learns to drive… and then plays at Cottage Lake Park

Although not the sort of driving Jason and I would have expected, Isaac had his first driving lesson today. Here are some photos from the lesson.  Thanks to Troy and Julie from Corbett Stables. 

Time to go  


Learning to lead 

Learning to groom  
Watching Reno get his tack on.   

After a few laps around to warm Reno up, Troy had Isaac get on and take the reins.  
Hard to get clear pictures of a moving horse and cart and kid.   

Pulled from video footage    
Gave Reno and carrot and said goodbye. 


And then we headed home. Only as we passed Cottage Lake, I realized it wasn’t very crowded today, so we pulled in and spent a couple hours playing at the park.  I didn’t take many pictures because Isaac was playing with some other kids, and I don’t like posting photos of kids without parental permission.  In any case, we had a great time. 


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