Al Borlin Park – April 1

Sometimes I just get tired of being at home.  Jason goes to work every day, so being home on the weekends is a welcome break for him. Plus he just likes being home.  On the other hand, I am home all week and really want a break from that and want to run and do something. Some weekends we stay home, and some weekends we adventure!  This weekend Jason gets a big THANK YOU for taking us on a grand adventure.

We started out by going to the 4H Fundraiser I was invited to.  I didn’t get any photos of that except for the fabric that we were thinking of using for a weighted blanket. I’ll share that…

Oh wait, I forgot the horse rescue took a picture of Isaac with Peanut!  He was in heaven. Isaac not Peanut. Isaac even said “I’m ready to move now if we can get Peanut.” This from the kid who wants to live in our current house forever. 

After the fundraiser, we went to Red Robin for lunch. It’s a reliable and predictable place for us to eat where we know Isaac is comfortable and both he and I can eat Gluten Free easily.  In this photo the guys are looking for the frog we heard in the pond outside Red Robin.

Then we were off to Al Borlin Park. We had never heard of it before. Jason found it on the map and led me there.  It is HUGE! Not knowing what we would find but knowing how much Isaac loves the water, we headed to the river.

 While the guys were throwing rocks in the river, I noticed an old bridge across the river on the other side.  Knowing how much Isaac likes “ruins,” I pointed it out to him.  Jason, being the brains of the operation, said “If that’s over there, then there should be the other part of the bridge on our side.”  Yup he was right. We turned and saw…

Of course we had to go check it out. Inside I was hoping and praying we could actually get close to it. So many of these places are fenced off or have signs all over them saying you can’t go there. It’s really disappointing. So as we walked, I took pictures and hoped and prayed.

The gravel path ended but a well worn and oft used path continued on. Of course, we followed it.

And then we continued on to the many wonders of the trail…

As our day drew to a close, we headed back toward the car. 

And ran into a gold panner!  Yes. He actually comes here and pans for gold fairly regularly. He showed us how to do it, where to buy the equipment and where to find the gold. Then he showed us a little “color” in his pan, so we knew what to look for. Thank you for the education local man! You were very kind.  

This was a great day and definitely a repeat park. We must go back!

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