April In A Nutshell

Apparently I didn’t post for an entire month? Why?  Busy. Tired.  Didn’t want to be on my phone that much.  In any case, here is April in a Nutshell. 

 April 1 – 4H Fundraiser and Al Borlin Park in Monroe – separate post coming on this one.  
 April 2 – Library and Shopping

April 3 – swim lesson for Isaac, Bellingham trip with my mom for me


April 4 – Isaac’s Cranial Sacral appointment followed by playing on the pirate ship at Bothell’s Country Village


April 7-10 – Isaac, Pip and I went to Oregon to visit Kristi and Jim. Separate post coming on this as well.   

April 11 – Sensory Night at Pump It Up


April 12 – Releasing the tadpoles at Fried Acre with Felix, Alice and Mark – Testing out the constellation maker for the Sensory Library 

April 14 – Trimming the rosemary 

April 15 – Easter decorations, Egg Hunt (Another post to follow), and Jason begins to build a shipping box. 


April 16 – 3 fat cats, Happy Easter (another post to follow)

April 17 – Isaac gets the Angry Birds Lego set he saved up for and ordered and Hopjacks has a haunting jack-o-lantern reflection 


April 18 – Another CST appointment followed by playing at Country Village 

April 19 – Catching a creature and doing some math 

April 20 – Petco run to prepare for our foster dog from South Korea, a visit at Isaac’s best friends’ house  

April 21 – Library, Gene Coulon Beach Park, ivar’s French fries at the park, Pick up Daddy at the airport, Blue C Sushi 

April 22 – Finaih building the outdoor brooder for our pullets, another drive to the airport this time to pick up the foster dog (a separate post on that) 

April 23 – making brownies for Grandpa Spore’s birthday and then celebrating Grandpa Spore’s birthday 

April 24 – Killing it in swim class today 

April 25 – Chiropractor and then the park. Love how we both still enjoying dandelions so much! 

April 26 – Uncle Robb pays a visit, Pepperthe foster dog makes herself comfortable  

April 27 – Leftover Chinese Cashew Chicken for breakfast, Tia Leah pays a visit, 

April 28 – Old Faithful our 10 year old KitchenAid blender finally died after tightening and retghtening for the last two years. Poor blender served us well. Goodbye Red. Rest in pieces.  

Also April 28 – Lunch outside and a Where’s Waldo photo of the two dogs

April 29 – Surprised Kristi – a visit with hiking buddies. Starbucks and good conversations. Great group of ladies.  

Also April 29 – Love this photo and quote and also these two dogs. Pepper is a sweetheart. She’s going to make a great companion to someone.  

And that was April 2017. Thanks for joining us on this grand adventure we call life. I’ll try to get the individual blog posts done this week, so April is finished up.  Hugs to all of you. God bless. 


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