April 7-10 – Visiting Kristi in Redmond, Oregon

Well this was so far back now that I don’t have much to say but I wanted to post some photos here because it was a fantastic visit with my friend and sister Kristi Baines. 

DAY ONE – Traveling and Adventure

Hitting the road at 5:15am. 

Pip sound asleep. 5:15 is about an hour early for her. 

Balancing in the extreme winds at a gas station pit stop. 

Devouring the Star Wars Galactic Maps book for most of the trip! I brought so much for him to do, and mostly he just had his nose in this book.  

We arrived, Kristi got home from work and in true Kristi fashion, we were off adventuring right away into the canyon just two short blocks from her home. 

We always seem to find amazing things on our adventures. 


Day two begins with chasing bubbles in Kristi’s backyard barefoot. He looks so big in these pictures. I hope he never looses his joyous spirit – it is captivating. 

Our second adventure – Smith Rock. Doggon windy and chilly but a really cool spot.  

Trying to keep Pip from barreling down the side while we looked over the edge. (Photo by Kristi Baines)

Isaac found sand so we built a fort. 

Me, my little man and our adventuring pup Pip at Smith Rock. (Photo by Kristi Baines)

Using the binoculars to look at nests on the far side of the canyon. 

Tea time! Found a British style tea house that had Gluten Free!

Re-energized after lunch, he’s back to hamming it up. 

Redmond Caves right near Kristi’s house.

Investing inside the caves. You can just barely make out Kristi’s head to the right of Isaac. It is BLACK in there. 

Pip and Isaac checking out one of the smaller caves that we couldn’t get into. You would have to crawl on your belly and that’s just WAY TOO tight for my liking. 

Isaac’s lizard friend. 

DAY THREE – Jim joins us

Stop number one is Sun-Lava Path

Telling stories about weewoks that live among the lava rocks. This was story he told the entire time we were there. Sometimes I wish I could just put a recorder on him and then have the story get typed up somehow, but I don’t think anything has a battery that would last that long. He tells some pretty amazing and pretty long stories!

Me and my goofball! (Photo by Kristi Baines)

Auntie Kristi and Isaac sharing their love of rocks. 

Stop number two – High Desert Museum.  This place was crazy. Nice displays of various things and live animals. No joke. 

They had a short “Meet the Creatures” thing going on. There were probably 40 people crammed in there but Isaac did great and got to pet a tortoise. 

The Birds Of Prey display ended up being one of Isaac’s favorite parts of the museum. We went back to it a couple of times. It was pretty awesome.

They had a cool homestead set up. The guy inside was totally in character and was practically begging us to move our family out there. It was pretty cool. Isaac chose to sweep the porch. 

And use the outhouse. 

This statue is made of glass! 

Isaac’s second favorite part of the museum was this “game” where you made decisions as the fire captain on how to put out multiple forest fires.  It was really interesting and educational. 

DAY FOUR – Time to leave

Someone is sleeping in as long as he can. He definitely doesn’t want to leave but when I tell him Auntie Kristi has to go back to work today, he’s ready to hit the road for home. We stopped for gas once in Oregon and didn’t even get out of the truck. Just over 6 hours after leaving Kristi, we were home. 

I guess in the end I did have a lot to say. As I posted the photos, the memories came back. It was only 4 days but we packed as much fun into those 4 days as we possibly could.  Thanks to Jim and Kristi for having us down and letting us crash with you, adventure with you and be a part of your new lives in Oregon. 

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