April 22 – Picking up Pepper

Well I’ve never in my life picked up an international dog at an airport until now.  It was a very cool experience and Jacintha gave us great instructions. Because we got stuck in seriously bad traffic, we arrived just a tad late which actually worked out well. The other dog that had flown in was done being picked up, so we were able to work one on one with Jacintha and Pepper. 

Jacintha and Pepper patiently waiting for us. 

Pepper is very interested in what Isaac brought for her. 

Checking out the toy Isaac picked out for her. 

Isaac listens to Jacintha’s instructions while Jason tries to make a new friend. Pepper was timid at first but she soon became Jason’s shadow and ended up following him all over our house while we had her. 

Warming up already. 

Daddy showing Isaac how to hold his leash. These dogs have to be kept on two leashes at all times as they are a flight risk. 

Here we go! She’s such a happy dog!

Loaded into the truck and ready to roll out!

Unloading carefully at home.  Have to get those leashes on while blocking the exit. 

Bringing Pip out to meet her foster sister Pepper. 

Initial sniffing 

Everything seems to be going well so far! 

Waiting for me to get back with poop bags because these girls were ready to go for a walk!

Twins? Nah. Just foster sisters. 

Checking out the neighborhood. 

Making sure Isaac is still up in the chair. 

Getting ready for her potential new parents to show up. Such a good girl.  

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