May the Force be with you… May in Review

Wow. May! A month of travel for Jason, a family work trip to Montana, mini-farm stuff and just all around another busy month for this little family of three. 

May 1 – Isaac’s swimming lesson and a walk with Pip and Pepper 

May 3 – Isaac creates a new drawing space for himself

May 4 – Star Wars Day! We take Pepper to vet for a check up, we met Gloria and crew at Brier Park and then Isaac, Caleb and Jacob attack Sarlac and other Star Wars beasts deep in the Shelton View Forest while Alena, Gloria and I played along. Jason and Isaac watched a lightening storm. Isaac and I dissected owl pellets from Auntie Kristi. And Isaac helped the farm by crushing dried eggshells that we then feed back to the chickens. 

May 5 – Giving Pepper some love and Isaac’s Star Wars Lego photo display

May 6 – Goodbye Pepper. Enjoy your new home! (A separate post on taking Jason to Shelton View Forest and my Dad’s belated birthday party will be coming soon.)

May 7 – Back at Shelton View Forest again! Letting the young chickens roam a bit, nail cutting day for the animals and Isaac crashed!

May 8 – relaxing building Lego’s with Isaac

May 9 – Our crazy shoulder cat Patch and a day of yardwork with Isaac

May 10 – Homeschool field trip to the planetarium (I took a picture of where I parked so I could find our truck again.) Pikced up Jason from the airport again. Played outside. Made some yummy salmon. 

May 12 – Library, Park, GF Teriyaki and Third Place Books

May 13 – Happy Anniversay! Tinkercrate from Auntie Steph arrived. Isaac and I played with the zoo set he got from Paige. Jason and I went to Hopjacks for dinner. I got a socket stuck in my back tire on the way to drop off the dog in the dark and pouring rain. Thanks to Tina Berry for coming to rescue the dog for me. 

May 14-19 – MONTANA! A separate post coming for that adventure. 

May 20 – John and Katie return from their bomb run to Vale, Oregon to pick up Adora Belle their new Corgi puppy. 

May 21 – Pip helps me garden, Isaac and I have a delicious dinner and play Lego’s while missing daddy who’s off on another work trip. 

May 22 – Isaac has me made him a bell pull like Owl from Winnie the Pooh and we have swim lessons. 

May 23 – Cousin Day – a separate post on that. 

May 24 – Gardening and campout with little dude and the dog. Found a baby Bee in the garden. That was crazy. And since we didn’t have any big marshmallows, we roasted mini ones. Jason came home from his work trip just in time to go on a motorcycle ride with some friends. Then he got home from that just as we were going to bed, so he sat out by the fire and relaxed and put it out for us. It was a good day. 

May 25 – Good morning. Who slept? Uhh. Not me!!! Pip and Isaac seemed to sleep pretty well. I got the fire started while Isaac slept in and we made what Isaac called “Breakfast Soup” which was really a bacon and egg scramble. I didn’t get any photos of the cooking process or cooked food because I was a little busy. But I can say cast iron over an open flame makes for some seriously good breakfast!

May 26 and 27 will get their own posts because the 26th was a field trip and the 27th was Leah’s birthday celebration. Stay tuned. 

May 30 – Isaac built Angry Birds stories out of dominoes and little rubber Angry Birds. And this concludes May. 

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