May 23 – Cousin Day

Ella had asked if I could take her and Isaac to the Reptile Zoo sometime. So as soon as the opportunity came up, we went. 

Patiently waiting for them to open. 
Isaac is mesmerized by the way this snake holds itself straight up. 

Isaac always loves petting the tortoise. 

Ella was a little frustrated because she wanted to go find the next answer on her sheet but Isaac wanted to look at the giant gator a bit longer. 

One thing they always agree on is making sure we do the snake handling. 

After washing up and saying goodbye to a couple of reptiles, we grabbed our snacks from the truck and sat in their new covered picnic area. 

Then we went home. When I took Ella home everyone wanted to play. So we talked about the cousins coming over that afternoon if Isaac and I could get our chores caught up, get the pool set up, and get lunch done in time.

Well we did it and the kids had a fantastic time. 

They even made a whacky waterslide which worked really well. 

Thanks for coming over to play!

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