June 19 – A Day Out With The Bennett Grands

Jason couldn’t get the day off so it ended up being me, Isaac and my parents.  Bowling started off pretty rough but once we got the bumpers up and let Isaac bowl without shoes, the game was on! Isaac even beat my dad. It was cute. 

After that we went home, packed a lunch, grabbed our fishing gear and headed to Silver Lake to fish and play. 

We only got one fish which my dad gave away because he really didn’t feel like messing up his tiny kitchen for one fish.  Isaac was disappointed in the fishing but had fun playing in the water and being a kind person who returned a giant pink floaty to some teenage girls on the next dock over. 

It wasn’t a perfect day. There were several massive bumps along the way. But we survived it and we had fun for the most part. Not every day is picture perfect but remembering the best moments of each day sure helps keep us going and pressing on.  Definitely looking forward to trying bowling and fishing again this summer.  

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