June 2017 in Review

Well I’m almost caught up on this crazy little family blog. It’s now July 6 and I’m doing the June posts. Hopefully I’ll be completely caught up soon. 

June 2 – Library visit and testing the Sensory Duck, visiting Grandpa, spaghetti squash pick up from my dad and campfire hotdogs

June 3 – Sustainamania and PCC with Millie and rebuilding the fence with Jason who later became a goofy alien. 

June 5 – Chinese with my Dad and “swimming” at home

June 7 – In an effort to eat healthier and drink fresh squeezed orange juice ilo store bought, I squeezed a bunch of oranges.  What you see in the photo is a 5lb bag of oranges.  The two glasses are so pulpy I’m the only one in the house who can chew it down. The glass pitcher holds what Jason and Isaac would actually consume.  Needless to say, I won’t be doing fresh squeezed too often and God’s just going to have to protect us from the processing of store bought OJ. 

June 9 – Library and teriyaki

June 10 – Kissy face dog and cat, Pip enjoys licking out the ECS cup, Jason begins to build a coop.

June 11 – I book our Seaside, OR trip, Jason builds the coop, Isaac plays in the yard, Pip guards Jason. 

June 12 – Isaac swings with Patch and we eat “Red Chicken” yum!

June 13 – Isaac created Owl Sushi while I create granola. 

June 14 – BFP aka Big Fluffy Pancake for breakfast, Fred Meyer shopping trip and chickens who don’t quite understand they are supposed to go into the coop at night. 

June 15 – The twins turn 10. A separate post with those photos will be coming soon. 

June 16 – A quiet day at home with me and Isaac playing and doing chores. 

June 18 – I go through my allergy tests and evaluate where I’m at while Jason works on the coop some more. 

June 19 – A day with my parents. A separate post will be coming on that. 

June 20 – Isaac gets some quiet time in the tunnel. It’s really amazing how he now finds ways to regulate himself without our direction. God is good.  

June 21 – Lego Angry Birds, swim lesson, time with Grandpa

June 22 – Rhubarb is living large this year, Pip attacks the hose water, Miss Penny wants me to pet her, Isaac does school outside, and we crack up watching a Geography Go video on YouTube. 

June 24 – Swimming pool, teriyaki, even the rabbits think it’s hot today, Jason and I install the coop! Isaac reads in the car, we get a new car harness for Pip and find a new restaurant with GF options, and finally we visit Chris and Jeanne’s new place. (A separate post on that.)

June 26 – Isaac is exhausted. Later that evening Bev and I take my mom out for her birthday. 

June 28 – Isaac and Pip getting along. It’s rare but nice to see when it happens. Isaac had swim lesson with the most patient coach on the planet.  My dad and I went to an Aquasox game and had a great time. 

June 29 – Isaac got a new high score and was pretty doggon excited about it. 

June 30 – Another library day and another chance for Isaac to see if he’s grown. He gets a kick out of measuring himself in comparison to this statue. 

And that was June 2017. Thanks for sharing in it with us. 

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