May 27 2017 – Leah’s Birthday Kayaking Trip

For Leah’s birthday this year, she opted for a kayaking adventure with Dan, Jason and me. We met at their house around 8:00am and headed to Washington Park Arboretum where we launched our kayaks and headed out for a day of adventure.  

There were times where we were all paddling and heading for something specific and times of floating and chatting. 

There were turtles & ducks & herons. If you look closely in the third photo, you can see baby ducks, and there are teenagers in the fourth picture.  

There were quiet moments. 

And crazy moments.

There was the beauty of friendship & family & nature. 

Some additional adventuresome moments were not included in these photos, because we didn’t get any pictures of these situations.  These include: trying to stay alive while going through “The Cut” with a train of boats, our conversation with the guy on the dock regarding where to park the kayaks for their restaurant when all we wanted to know about was the line, Dan flipping his kayak while playing ball with Jason and me, going through a “snow storm” of cottonwood, going flat on our backs to go under obstacles and hanging out at University Village nibbling our way through a late lunch.

It was definitely a day to remember, and I am glad we made it happen.  Happy Birthday Leah!

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