July 4 2017 – A Four- Part Story

John stopped by on Saturday to tell us to go to a particular fireworks stand. When we got there, Isaac’s martial arts instructor (for 2 classes) was there, and I started chatting with him. He gave us some killer discounts and freebies which made the fireworks buying experience so much more pleasant as we definitely have a fairly low budget on fireworks. 

PART ONE – Moving Day

Isaac and I helped Uncle Robb and Auntie Crystal move out of their condo and put their stuff into storage. Then we rushed home to gobble down some lunch before part two. 

PART TWO – Tank Wars with JohnboyJJB and Ella. 

Nothing quite like watching two grown men enjoying a war. 
The kids enjoyed helping to evaluate the damage. 

Yes I was actually present. 
Counting tanks to determine the victor. 

Men. Proud men. Based on removing tanks that would not be allowed back into battle, John was the victor this year. 

PART THREE – Jason and Isaac’s Tank War

Setting up the first battle. 
Check out the action shot. Big men can move fast when explosives are involved. 
Reversed matching outfits. I noticed this as they were battling and thought “I have got to get a picture of this!”

Reviewing the battle and inspecting the damage. 

PART FOUR – Fireworks in the evening with the cousins at their house. 

All eyes are on the guys as they prepare the fireworks. 

Yes. Everyone is waiting for you two. 

Sparkler Cousins

Sometimes the big kids want to play too.

Just liked this picture of Moriah. 

We had a lot of smoke bombs. Ella is enjoying this one up close.

The Bennett women. 

Action shot. 

A common scene. 

These two were like shots out of a cannon at every firework, smoke bomb, sparkler, etc.  Had to run out and see what was up. Love the enthusiasm. 

Dancing and jumping and running through the smoke. 
Love this selfie because I managed to get Katie holding Moriah in the shot as well. Birthday Cousins on their moms’ laps watching fireworks. 

There were more fireworks and sparklers, but I’m going to end with this photo. It reminds me of family who are also friends, and it reminds me of the wonder of childhood and the amazement we seem to often leave behind as we grow up. May we continue to be amazed by the world around us, by fireworks and nature and joy and family and God. 

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