July 8 2017 – Happy Birthday Jason and Happy Half-Birthday Isaac

Party Day has finally arrived. After weeks of planning and preparation, the day has come.  The theme this year is Ancient Egypt per Isaac’s request. We started out with arrivals and kids decorating their explorer hats.  Then we ate hotdogs, trout and all the delicious side dishes our friends and family brought. We actually have photos of this year’s event thanks to Dan & Leah as well as Bev Spore. Thanks to them for all these photos. 

After dinner, we began the adventure! I introduced myself as Gertrude VonHousenfield, a museum director, who needed help solving the Mystery of the Missing Sarcophagus.  

First up the kids had to pass an ancient Egyptian test to prove to the modern Egyptians that they were worthy to explore their land. They had to run between two bricks tagging the next runner upon their return. Each runner had to go three times. 
They asked the Egyptians, “Did we pass the test?”  The Egyptians replied, “Yes!” 

Their next task was to find up to 12 Egyptian figurines for the museum director to decipher and figure out the first clue as to where the sarcophagus was hidden. 

They weren’t able to find all 12 but they found enough to figure out the clue which led us to a golden scarab in the sky. 

Inside the Golden Scarab there was treasure and the clue that led them to the shed where their ultimate treasure was hidden. However upon their arrival to the shed, they found it was locked and instead of a key there was another clue that told them to go to the Nile to fish for clues. Each fish has a clue and each crocodile meant your turn was up and you had to find someone with a fish and help them with their clue. They needed to find the pharaoh and his wife, because they held the key to the shed!

Trying to figure out WHO IS THE PHARAOH AND HIS WIFE

It’s finally down to two couples: Uncle Robb & Auntie Crys or Uncle Dan & Tia Leah. 

So raise your hand if you think it is Uncle Robb and Auntie Crystal

Correct and they get they key that opens the shed where the sarcophagus and treasure are hiding!

Alright now off to the cake!  Huge thanks to Gloria Lunsford for sharing her kitchen and all day Thursday baking GF cakes with me for this pyramid cake.  Then she spent all day Friday doing the fondant. Thanks friend! The obelisk says ISAAC in hieroglyphs. 

And that smile says it all. The cake was good. The party was fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen especially my loving husband Jason who was celebrating his own birthday but worked a ton to help me make this dream a reality. Happy birthday I love you!

Here are a few random photos:

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