The rest of July

Well I’ve once again lost track of time and skipped most of a month so here’s a quick run down of the rest of July.

July 9 – Blue C Sushi for Jason’s birthday 

July 10 – Isaac is so cold at this pool but he loves his coach. 

July 13 – Went Blueberry picking with Julie and Felix and found this seriously cute little snail. 

July 13 – Isaac mapped the galaxy and created a story. 

July 14 – Helped John and Katie butcher their laurel hedge that was as tall as the power lines. 

July 15 – Found our new favorite spot. Edgar’s taco truck in Bothell. Yum!

July 15 – Isaac builds a home for his snail. 

July 16 – I launch the Sensory Box for the Sensory Lending Library

July 17 – Isaac finally gifts a bunch of his matchbox cars to Green Bee. The lady receiving them is going to use them in the shoeboxes for Christmas through her church. 

July 17 – I went Kayaking with my friend Julie. We launched from the houseboat she and her mom are renting! 

July 17 – Patch and Leavenworth look like brother and sister except one is a stuffed dog. 

July 18 – Waterballoons on the cousins’ trampoline. Bonus points because no one got hurt!

July 20 – Mookie tried to remove my eye. Not really but she did fully sink her claw into the soft flesh just under my eye. Katie had to help get her claw unstuck. 

July 20 – Isaac loves to play this game where he stands on a chair and then leaps at me while I try to take a photo of him. He’s usually some sort of creature and we have to do it in this room with this light on. 

July 21 – We found this massive claw at the library. 

July 22 – Discovered RED ROCK SUBS in Everett. They have GF bread!!!!! And al their sodas are NO CORN!!!!!

July 22 – Jason built a Rocket Stove, we tested it out, Isaac created some plant soup concoction and we had a great evening together. 

July 23 – Parkour. Coach Rami was gone this week. Isaac started to freak out and say he wasn’t going to participate and he was going to leave. I told him it was his choice. Totally up to him.  He calmed down and did awesome in the class. 

July 23 – Motorcycling practice. Jason’s a good instructor.  Oh and here’s a close up of my helmet. I love my helmet. Fits so well!

July 24 – Isaac nailed it in swim lesson today. He was working on breathing. 

July 26 – Caught bees with Grandpa and then examined them through the cage with Grandma.  In this photo they are watching the bees eat honey. 

July 26 – Bev and I went for a walk in Mill Creek and saw a bear…

July 29 – Kayaking with Dan and Leah at the Arboretum. Followed by yummy lunch.  I didn’t take any photos. Here are a few from Leah. 

July 29 – Jacob’s birthday party.  Ben and Gloria had three boys from China staying with them for two weeks.  Here are just a few photos form the party. 

July 30 – Parkour for Isaac means workout time for me! 

And that is the end of July.  

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