August 3-4, 2017

We like to celebrate Isaac’s first day of school by going to Leavenworth. Here are a few photos from our overnight trip.

Trip begins with a stop at Sultan Bakery. Always a favorite and a twice-annual gluten cheat.

Next up is our trestle bridge park where we walk across the bridge to a quiet spot and play in and by the river for hours!

Then it’s off to the Welcome to Leavenworth sign for his “school photo” for the year. This year was all action and we didn’t get a stationary focused shot where you can read his “First Day of Second Grade” sign. I literally pulled the first picture out of a video Jason shot.

It was HOT!

Next we went to South so Isaac could get chips and salsa, and I could make WikiStick art for Isaac.

Day Two we landed at the river and spent most of our time there. The water was so low the tubers had to go down certain areas just to get through and we were literally playing almost in the middle of the river.

Out of the water and heading home.

Congrats on starting Second Grade Isaac!

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