September 2017 ReCap

I’m going to recap September and October and then I’m going to go back to little blog posts as I obviously can’t stay on top of monthly recaps. 🙂

September 1 I passed my motorcycle driving skills test and a few days later I was able to pick up my license from DOL.

September 2 we went to the local motorcycle races and had a nice time. We kept it short because it was wicked hot!

September 3-6 were just sort of normal days around the house except the wildfires were dropping ash on our cars. We dropped Pip off to hang out with China the cutest pugle ever, found a park nearby to play at and got ready for our trip.

September 7 – 10 We did our annual Seaside Oregon trip except my dad was sick, so my parents didn’t get to come with us this year. I’ll do a separate post on this trip as there was WAY too much to put in this post.

September 11 through the end of the month was just regular life. I’ll share some photos below.

11 – Finally bought myself a new watch as my old one wouldn’t stay on anymore and the face was peeling off.

13 – my tribal warrior enjoyed playing in the yard today

I enjoyed quick laying some pavers so hopefully we don’t swim up to our front step in mud all winter. It was just supposed to be laying them out to get a general idea of what I wanted but now it’s mid-November and it hasn’t moved.

The 15th we did some science in the front yard.

Isaac got this thorn stuck in his flip flop while we were out walking the dog.

The Sensory kit came

Sept 16 – Isaac took this photo of my cleaning Mr Funny Bunny’s cage while he rubbed vigorously against my arm.

Sept 17 – I love when these two snuggle together.

Sept 18 – Experiencing a new to us Thai restaurant with Grandma. Not the greatest photo of my mom, but it is all I had.

The 18th took us to Fred Meyer and then a quick stop at Johns dan Katie’s to take a family photo for them. Got a good solo shot of Katie for our practice. Then attempted to get 6 people looking at the camera and in focus at the same time. This is not my career folks.

Sept 19 we walked the dog in the rain while Isaac ate a popsicle. Yes a popsicle in the rain. Love this kid.

Sept 22 was Isaac’s first day of Family Roots Class, and although it is NOT what I was expecting, he enjoys it. Flip flops and all.

We also did our first farm of fall day as soon as Daddy got home. Off to Bob’s we went. The corn maze didn’t open until the next day, so we went into Snohomish for some food and planned to return to Bob’s tomorrow.

Sept 23 – Farm Day for real this time

Sept 24 my whacky dog was trying to jump our fence to get to me. We took this picture to show how tall the fence is that she was trying to get over. Mind you, she got her head above the fence line!

Oh and I love this kid

Love this quote

Sept 27 I set up the bouncy house in an attempt to convince Isaac to pass it on. FAIL! He still loves this thing.

Lulu (formerly Louis L’Bunny) enjoying her time on brand new grass I’m growing.

The guys testing out our new headsets inside the riding helmets.

September 28 was LEGO story time for Isaac. I wish I could remember what this story was he was telling me.

Sept 30 was the longest and most fun Ikea trip I have ever been on. Thanks for the adventure Dan and Leah!

And that is where September ends with Dan getting off the bike and us all heading home.

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