October 2017 Recap

Picking up free firewood

Isaac, Mama and Pip camping out in the yard. Isaac has smoke in his eyes.

Craven farm – Just the three of us

Checking out a new Sensory gym in South Everett.

Building a steampunk spider in art class.

Whidbey Island adventures with Mom and Millie.

Best sheep cheese I’ve had so far. Creamy. Yummy. Expensive. Found it on the Whidbey trip.

Naughty cats!

Alien Operation

It’s not rocket science. Oh wait. Yes. Yes it is.

He definitely got Jason’s flexibility. He’s eating noodle soup by the way.

Kristi Baines chocolate zucchini bread recipe made GF.

Pumpkin patch and carving with the Spore Grandparents

One of his best swim lessons.

Playing a new card game.

Cleaning spider webs off his statue.

Leaf Fight!!!

Walking Miller Creek Trail with Pip (not pictured) after dropping Daddy off at the airport.

Hiking Shelton View Forest with the cousins.

We can use the HOT lane now right?

Gluten free Teriyaki at Best Teriyaki with his new buddy.

Goodbye from a rabbit sniffing a cat foot of a cat who is sniffing a rabbit.

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