November 2017 Recap

Isaac always enjoys checking his height compared to the Statue at the library, and he takes these moments to clean her off and remove all the spider webs.

Isaac enjoys playing with his army men and today was a day full of military set ups. The stairs to the upper bunk became various battle stations.

On a lightly snowing day, we headed out for a walk and ran into BB8!

Since Isaac was very little, we often stopped at this fire hydrant for play and photos. I have no idea why but it seems to hold a special place in or hearts. Isaac insisted I take his photo by “his fire hydrant.”

It was a good day for a fire in the fire place, puzzles and games.

Alaska, our hen we fought so hard to save once before with a broken leg, got sick from what we believe was sour crop, and we are saying goodbye in this photo as we try to do our best to save her.

Putting away halloween

Leavenworth for my birthday! First stop GLUTEN GLUTTON at Sultan Bakery.

A pit stop at our favorite parking lot and pit toilet where we peed, did some sledding in the parking lot and played in the snow. We are weird.

Then it was off to our favorite bridge and river walk adventure area on the way into town.

Pretty cool moment as Isaac grabbed his bag AND mine and headed up the stairs to the hotel.

I love going up this time of year because they are setting up Christmas but there aren’t very many people there. It’s beautiful.

Most awesome Ginger Beer I’ve had in awhile. Very refreshing.

Making tracks… Found these on our river walk in Leavenworth.

Pure joy

A boy and his dad in the leaves

Had a small wind storm in Bothell today.

I don’t even remember what I got him but it was fun to leave this package for him when he woke up knowing he could read it and would be happy to share the contents with his dad.

This cat!

We tried an outdoor school in Kenmore. Super nice people. Way too young an age group. Didn’t work out for us, but this was a fun day at St Edwards with the class.

Sena on my helmet. So fun!

We had some beautiful skies in November.

Isaac modified the diffuser in his room.

Thanksgiving involved a plethora of pies.

Bev, Mom and I went to some Christmas bazaar thing at Monroe Fairgrounds. We had a blast.

Isaac worked hard to make soap Christmas packages for his cousins.

Studying the anatomy of a bee.

The end.

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