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August 3-4, 2017

We like to celebrate Isaac’s first day of school by going to Leavenworth. Here are a few photos from our overnight trip.

Trip begins with a stop at Sultan Bakery. Always a favorite and a twice-annual gluten cheat.

Next up is our trestle bridge park where we walk across the bridge to a quiet spot and play in and by the river for hours!

Then it’s off to the Welcome to Leavenworth sign for his “school photo” for the year. This year was all action and we didn’t get a stationary focused shot where you can read his “First Day of Second Grade” sign. I literally pulled the first picture out of a video Jason shot.

It was HOT!

Next we went to South so Isaac could get chips and salsa, and I could make WikiStick art for Isaac.

Day Two we landed at the river and spent most of our time there. The water was so low the tubers had to go down certain areas just to get through and we were literally playing almost in the middle of the river.

Out of the water and heading home.

Congrats on starting Second Grade Isaac!

August Recap

2017 seems to be speeding by faster than I can keep up. We are now over halfway through September and I’m just now looking at blogging August. So… here goes!

August 1 – Play day with Best Friends

Jason unintentionally flips me off while working on his Kawasaki engine.

August 2nd – Mount Vernon visit with his other best friend Paige.

August 3-4 Leavenworth trip for Isaac’s First Day of Second Grade. (A separate post with more photos coming soon.)

August 5 – Drove to Mount Vernon to pick up Pip who stayed with our good friend Chris and Jeanne. On the way back we stopped at Shambala Bakery for lunch. Delicious and GF. Then we walked back to the truck and found this time capsule.

August 8 – Homeschool Meet-Up at Gold Creek Natural Area ended up being a hang out day with best friends Caleb and Jacob again as Gloria was helping a widow and the boys had a lot more fun playing with us.

Watching Scent Training.

Playing in the creek

August 9 brought us bright light as Jason removed our old corrugated roofing from the breezeway and replaced it. We are constantly shocked by how bright it is now.

August 10 – Swim lessons continued throughout the month of August. Some days are better than others. This was a good day.

After swim we stopped at Fran’s house to go look at her daughter’s stock tank swimming pool. Fran happens to live right near Uncle Dan and Tia Leah, so we stopped in there. They weren’t home but Leah said to pick the huckleberries if we wanted to, so we did. The dog came for a snuggle and the Uncle came and asked us to pick the extra blueberries they had. It was a good day.

August 11 – Library and street tacos followed by helping the neighbor with a question on his truck while out walking Pip.

August 12 – Riding gear return happening but Isaac’s favorite rider’s replica bike was for sale. So he just had to sit on it and Daddy just had to show him how to lean and look into the corner. Non of us can wait for race season to be over, so we can watch it. $$$ during the season. $ after it’s over. Here is Marc Marquez Jr on his Repsol Honda.

August 12 – Finished the bulletin board made from fabric Bev and I picked out and our old fence boards. It looks pretty good I think.

August 14 – Food coloring, water, muffin tins and a freezer. Oh then there was the goggles and the hammer and the paintbrush.

August 17 – We said goodbye to the quiet neighborhood and saw the sky through our backyard boundary line for the first time in 14 years. They tore down ALL of the trees and are putting in 7 houses. It is a sad day. Our yard became the rescue habitat for all the moles and squirrels and rabbits that were living in those woods.

On a brighter note the cousins came to play! Here they all are having snack time.

August 18 – Hot date with my hubby! We went to Revolve in Bothell. GF Paradis!

August 19 – We don’t always play the safest games. Here Isaac is using a hammer to hit caps on the end of a shop tool that Jason is holding. Great hand eye coordination work!

August 19 – Preparing to ride the R3 for one of my last practice days before testing for me license.

August 20 7:44am – We head to Oregon for the Solar Eclipse on Monday. (A separate post with photos to come.)

August 22 – Tried making Bison Patty Melts thinking for sure Isaac would not like them but going for it anyway. Well he LOVED it! In fact we all loved it.

August 24 – Opening day at the fair. Isaac was really tired this day so we didn’t do as much as we usually do. He loved the whacky house and we went on that a lot. I got a chance to go on two rides with Ella. One was called Freak Out and it was totally awesome until the last three swims when we both decided it was way too much. Then we went on another ride I can’t remember the name of and laughed hysterically the whole time. Overall not the best trip to the fair ever, but we had fun. It was great to have Bev along on the scooter. Here is Isaac in the whacky house and in the petting zoo.

August 26 – I got to go to Mt Vernon to hang out with The Pioneers – my hiking buddies. We hiked up behind Jeanne’s new property, left signs for Paige who was coming behind us to camp out with her dad, snacked on the ridge, saw a hawk or golden eagle, did crafts and ate some more.

August 27 – This cat.

August 28 – Field trip to Pacific Science Center with Gloria, her mom and the boys!

Butterfly world

At the giant table

Playing giant pipes


August 28 also marked the demise of our Magic deflating pool. This was the final cleaning and filling as best we could do before sending to its final resting place as a holding space for someone’s dirt pile.

August 29 – We began our fantasy map making. This is super fun!

And that was basically the month of August.

The rest of July

Well I’ve once again lost track of time and skipped most of a month so here’s a quick run down of the rest of July.

July 9 – Blue C Sushi for Jason’s birthday 

July 10 – Isaac is so cold at this pool but he loves his coach. 

July 13 – Went Blueberry picking with Julie and Felix and found this seriously cute little snail. 

July 13 – Isaac mapped the galaxy and created a story. 

July 14 – Helped John and Katie butcher their laurel hedge that was as tall as the power lines. 

July 15 – Found our new favorite spot. Edgar’s taco truck in Bothell. Yum!

July 15 – Isaac builds a home for his snail. 

July 16 – I launch the Sensory Box for the Sensory Lending Library

July 17 – Isaac finally gifts a bunch of his matchbox cars to Green Bee. The lady receiving them is going to use them in the shoeboxes for Christmas through her church. 

July 17 – I went Kayaking with my friend Julie. We launched from the houseboat she and her mom are renting! 

July 17 – Patch and Leavenworth look like brother and sister except one is a stuffed dog. 

July 18 – Waterballoons on the cousins’ trampoline. Bonus points because no one got hurt!

July 20 – Mookie tried to remove my eye. Not really but she did fully sink her claw into the soft flesh just under my eye. Katie had to help get her claw unstuck. 

July 20 – Isaac loves to play this game where he stands on a chair and then leaps at me while I try to take a photo of him. He’s usually some sort of creature and we have to do it in this room with this light on. 

July 21 – We found this massive claw at the library. 

July 22 – Discovered RED ROCK SUBS in Everett. They have GF bread!!!!! And al their sodas are NO CORN!!!!!

July 22 – Jason built a Rocket Stove, we tested it out, Isaac created some plant soup concoction and we had a great evening together. 

July 23 – Parkour. Coach Rami was gone this week. Isaac started to freak out and say he wasn’t going to participate and he was going to leave. I told him it was his choice. Totally up to him.  He calmed down and did awesome in the class. 

July 23 – Motorcycling practice. Jason’s a good instructor.  Oh and here’s a close up of my helmet. I love my helmet. Fits so well!

July 24 – Isaac nailed it in swim lesson today. He was working on breathing. 

July 26 – Caught bees with Grandpa and then examined them through the cage with Grandma.  In this photo they are watching the bees eat honey. 

July 26 – Bev and I went for a walk in Mill Creek and saw a bear…

July 29 – Kayaking with Dan and Leah at the Arboretum. Followed by yummy lunch.  I didn’t take any photos. Here are a few from Leah. 

July 29 – Jacob’s birthday party.  Ben and Gloria had three boys from China staying with them for two weeks.  Here are just a few photos form the party. 

July 30 – Parkour for Isaac means workout time for me! 

And that is the end of July.  

July 8 2017 – Happy Birthday Jason and Happy Half-Birthday Isaac

Party Day has finally arrived. After weeks of planning and preparation, the day has come.  The theme this year is Ancient Egypt per Isaac’s request. We started out with arrivals and kids decorating their explorer hats.  Then we ate hotdogs, trout and all the delicious side dishes our friends and family brought. We actually have photos of this year’s event thanks to Dan & Leah as well as Bev Spore. Thanks to them for all these photos. 

After dinner, we began the adventure! I introduced myself as Gertrude VonHousenfield, a museum director, who needed help solving the Mystery of the Missing Sarcophagus.  

First up the kids had to pass an ancient Egyptian test to prove to the modern Egyptians that they were worthy to explore their land. They had to run between two bricks tagging the next runner upon their return. Each runner had to go three times. 
They asked the Egyptians, “Did we pass the test?”  The Egyptians replied, “Yes!” 

Their next task was to find up to 12 Egyptian figurines for the museum director to decipher and figure out the first clue as to where the sarcophagus was hidden. 

They weren’t able to find all 12 but they found enough to figure out the clue which led us to a golden scarab in the sky. 

Inside the Golden Scarab there was treasure and the clue that led them to the shed where their ultimate treasure was hidden. However upon their arrival to the shed, they found it was locked and instead of a key there was another clue that told them to go to the Nile to fish for clues. Each fish has a clue and each crocodile meant your turn was up and you had to find someone with a fish and help them with their clue. They needed to find the pharaoh and his wife, because they held the key to the shed!

Trying to figure out WHO IS THE PHARAOH AND HIS WIFE

It’s finally down to two couples: Uncle Robb & Auntie Crys or Uncle Dan & Tia Leah. 

So raise your hand if you think it is Uncle Robb and Auntie Crystal

Correct and they get they key that opens the shed where the sarcophagus and treasure are hiding!

Alright now off to the cake!  Huge thanks to Gloria Lunsford for sharing her kitchen and all day Thursday baking GF cakes with me for this pyramid cake.  Then she spent all day Friday doing the fondant. Thanks friend! The obelisk says ISAAC in hieroglyphs. 

And that smile says it all. The cake was good. The party was fun. Thanks to everyone who helped make this happen especially my loving husband Jason who was celebrating his own birthday but worked a ton to help me make this dream a reality. Happy birthday I love you!

Here are a few random photos:

July 5-7 2017

Hanging out with Grandpa Spore

Chair swing therapy with Patch, Isaac’s favorite cat. 

The amazing Pip flying through the air to catch the hose water. 

Even the rabbits thought it was hot today. Miss Penny is enjoying her ice cube. 

I know this looks a little gross but it’s actually fondant that Gloria and I are attempting to turn into a camel.  I gave up. She muscled through and made a cool cake for the party. 

Wes donated a pressure washer while John and Katie donated a table and chairs. I am now officially in love with pressure washers and Ben and Gloria are getting a nice table and chairs set after the party. 

Isaac loved this how to draw robots book we got from the library. Then I couldn’t find it!  I had to keep renewing it because it was lost!  Finally found it. Phew. Now he loves it again. 

It was a good day of reading Berenstain Bear’s Science & Nature. 

July 4 2017 – A Four- Part Story

John stopped by on Saturday to tell us to go to a particular fireworks stand. When we got there, Isaac’s martial arts instructor (for 2 classes) was there, and I started chatting with him. He gave us some killer discounts and freebies which made the fireworks buying experience so much more pleasant as we definitely have a fairly low budget on fireworks. 

PART ONE – Moving Day

Isaac and I helped Uncle Robb and Auntie Crystal move out of their condo and put their stuff into storage. Then we rushed home to gobble down some lunch before part two. 

PART TWO – Tank Wars with JohnboyJJB and Ella. 

Nothing quite like watching two grown men enjoying a war. 
The kids enjoyed helping to evaluate the damage. 

Yes I was actually present. 
Counting tanks to determine the victor. 

Men. Proud men. Based on removing tanks that would not be allowed back into battle, John was the victor this year. 

PART THREE – Jason and Isaac’s Tank War

Setting up the first battle. 
Check out the action shot. Big men can move fast when explosives are involved. 
Reversed matching outfits. I noticed this as they were battling and thought “I have got to get a picture of this!”

Reviewing the battle and inspecting the damage. 

PART FOUR – Fireworks in the evening with the cousins at their house. 

All eyes are on the guys as they prepare the fireworks. 

Yes. Everyone is waiting for you two. 

Sparkler Cousins

Sometimes the big kids want to play too.

Just liked this picture of Moriah. 

We had a lot of smoke bombs. Ella is enjoying this one up close.

The Bennett women. 

Action shot. 

A common scene. 

These two were like shots out of a cannon at every firework, smoke bomb, sparkler, etc.  Had to run out and see what was up. Love the enthusiasm. 

Dancing and jumping and running through the smoke. 
Love this selfie because I managed to get Katie holding Moriah in the shot as well. Birthday Cousins on their moms’ laps watching fireworks. 

There were more fireworks and sparklers, but I’m going to end with this photo. It reminds me of family who are also friends, and it reminds me of the wonder of childhood and the amazement we seem to often leave behind as we grow up. May we continue to be amazed by the world around us, by fireworks and nature and joy and family and God.