Our Family & Residents


  • Jason Spore – Husband, Father, Works full time, Races Autocross
  • Brett Elizabeth Spore – Wife, Mother, Stay at home mom, Runs MAD Skates & Rec Center youth outreach.
  • Isaac Spore – Son
  • Nikita & Tatiana – Sister cats adopted through Petfinder
  • Patch – A kitten Jason and Dan rescued on July 3, 2016 along with her 4 siblings. Dan kept Lucy. We kept Patch. 
  • Louis La’Bunny – Outdoor girl bunny.  Purchased from a 4H breeder in Sultan.  Great gal.  We were told she was s boy bunny but after taking her to the vet for a medical condition, we were advised she is a she. 
  • Miss Penny – Outdoor girl bunny.  Purchase from same gal. Miss Penny was an indoor bunny but we moved her outside. 
  • Hip and Hop – two of our original gals.  Now just pets as they have stopped laying. 
  • Polly and Alaska – Two hens given to us buy another homeschooling family who could not keep them due to Homeowners rules. They were handmaiden by this family until they gave them to us. Good layers.  Got them spring 2015. 
  • Past Residents: Belka and Strelka our sister ducks killed by raccoons fall 2013.  Bongo, our beloved Pomeranian of almost 15 years had to be put down fall 2013. Peep, one of our original three hens died August 2016. 


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